The Top 5 Infield Training Gloves in 2018

The truth is… the ability to make quick transfers is more important than ever for shortstops and second basemen.

With the game speeding up every single day, coaches are increasingly valuing this precious skill on the daily.

But most middle infielders aren’t practicing this skill, making it easier than ever to get ahead of those with slower hands.

And the easiest way to get quicker hands is by using a training glove, or a smaller-sized mitt built to help you master this skill.

Put simply, this smaller size doesn’t allow you to be lazy on any catch by making you focus and catch every ball with two hands.

This improves your hand-eye coordination over time – the most important factor of making quick transfers.

And just like regular-sized gloves, there are specific models that are simply better than the rest – and the 5 below certainly do.

5. All Star “The Pocket” Infield Training Glove

All Star "The Pick" Training Glove

“The Pocket” is a 9.5″ infield training glove manufactured by All Star that flexes like its bigger counterparts.

This allows you to get a similar feel to your gamer while still getting the benefits and training of a far shallower pocket.

And because it’s built with some nice materials, it’s the perfect tool to practice with for many years.

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4. 44 Pro Gloves Infield Training Glove

44 Pro Gloves Infield Trainer

44 Pro Gloves’ version of the infield training glove measures at 9.5″ and is made with their durable steerhide leather. 

Like the All Star model, this glove flexes like a full-size glove and has all the benefits listed above.

However, the 44 Pro is a better option because our experiences with both say that the 44 is simply built with better materials.

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3. Valle Eagle 975S Infield Training Glove

Valle Training Glove

Valle is a company dedicated to making training gloves of different varieties, and they hit a home run with the Eagle 975S.

This 9.75″ trainer squeezes slightly differently than a regular mitt, a difference that will help you get quicker hands in less time.

With this unique pattern construction and durable materials, it’s a great (and albeit pricey at $155) option for infield practice.

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And if you can swing $195, we’d certainly recommend the Kip Leather version of this training mitt.

You’ll be getting better leather than any other mitt on this list while still getting the benefits of this unique trainer.

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2. Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO200TR-2C Infield Training Glove

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO200TR-2C Infield Training Glove

After years of only having a lower quality infield training model available, Rawlings brought out the big guns in 2018.

The new Heart of the Hide infield training model measures at 11.5″ and is simply a smaller version of the famous 200 pattern.

That said, it’s won’t simply be a tool to train with, but also a high performance glove that will be fun to play with after training.

And for it’s price tag of $149.99, it’s an awesome model to supplement your Heart of the Hide or Pro Preferred gamer. 

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1. Wilson A2000 Training Glove

Wilson A2000 Training Glove

We’ve found that the best infield training glove is Wilson’s 9.5″ A2000 Infield Training Mitt. Here’s why:

One, it has the most unique shape of any mitt on this list, as it’s closer to a slightly rounded pad than an actual glove.

You can’t catch the ball without two hands, something that will improve your hand-eye quicker than the other mitts on this list.

And two, because it’s built with Wilson’s A2000 materials, and we simply love every inch of leather Wilson uses on the A2000. 

If you’re looking to improve your transfer speed in the least time, we believe that this will be accomplished with the A2000 trainer.

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And if you need more information on training mitts or help picking the right one for you, email us at


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  1. Surprised you didn’t put the Valle Eagle 975 on the list

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! We tried it recently and were blown away by its unique feel and high quality materials.

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