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44 Pro Gloves was founded in 2011, making only custom gloves. They started with one line of customs, but now have three different lines, each with their positives and negatives:

  • Signature Series: Kip leather, stiff inserts. Their highest quality model, it sells for $185.
  • C2 Series: Steerhide leather. Their middle model for those who prefer steerhide over Kip leather. Sells for $155.
  • Rise: Lower quality steerhide leather: made for youth players, sells for $125.

Start customizing your own 44 at will be the place for 44 Pro Gloves releases, discounts, and just discussion about features offered by 44.

44 Pro Gloves Off-Centered Logo – What It is, the Benefits, and How to Order

44 Pro Gloves Off-Centered Logo

Sparked by the recent release of the 44 Pro Gloves Off-Centered Logo, we viewed numerous photos of this special logo and spoke to some people who own a 44 Pro Glove with an off-centered logo to deliver the what, the benefits, and the how (to order) of the 44 Pro Gloves Off-Centered Logo.

So, what is the 44 Pro Gloves Off-Centered Logo? Our in-house definition would be:

44’s shift of the wrist logo on the one-piece wrist to an area in-between the thumb and wrist (“off-centered”) to create a different look than the typical wrist logo design.

As of now, 44 and Adidas look like the only major company to offer this logo style. While there are no specific benefits to ordering an off-centered logo as opposed to a standard logo, some of the interviewed players “liked the look” and “wanted something different.”

44 Pro Gloves Off-Centered Logo

44 just added their new off-centered logo to the builder, making it easier to order than just dumping the description in the special instructions box. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to order:

Step 1: Select leather series, and then “Fielding”

How to order 44 Pro Gloves Off-Centered Logo

To get an off-centered logo, you will need to select the Kip-leather “Signature Series”. Make sure to not select “Signature Series Crown Tip” unless you do not want to get an off-centered logo.

Step 2: Select “One-Piece” under Wrist Style and “Off-Center” Under Wrist Placement

How to order 44 Pro Gloves Off-Centered Logo

To get an off-centered logo, you must first select “one-piece” under the wrist style, and then “off-center” under the wrist placement section. You must get a one-piece wrist to get an off-center logo.

Step 3: Finish the Glove Base Section

How to order 44 Pro Gloves Off-Centered Logo

Before moving onto color choices and such, you need to select your desired lace length, throwing hand, whether you want a pad or hood, glove size, and glove web. Once you are done this, you can start playing with colors.

Step 4: Add Colors

How to order 44 Pro Gloves Off-Centered Logo

The most exciting (and nerve-wracking) part of glove customization is the colors. 44 gives you a ton of options, so customize your heart out. Above is a quick design I made with the 44 Pro Gloves Off-Centered Logo.

Step 5: Finish the Personalization Section

To finish off your custom glove, you can add text on the index finger, thumb, or palm liner, add a flag, and add any special instructions, if you have any.

Step 6: Order

The final step is to place your order. Following the above steps and any checkout steps will ensure you get your perfect custom glove. Order one at

44 Pro Gloves Full Mesh Spotting!

Ever dream about the perfect glove?

Maybe your perfect glove has some features that most companies do not offer. So, you just go and sob because you cannot get your dream glove.

44 Pro Gloves is not most companies. Unlike the big dogs (Rawlings, Wilson, etc.), 44 has no boundaries to customization. You want something different? Put it into the special instructions box. Four-to-five weeks later, you get what you wanted, perfectly executed.

One person wanted a full mesh and a wingtip back. Pretty hard to make. However, 44 undertook the task to create this full mesh/wingtip glove, and they nailed it:

44 Pro Gloves Full Mesh

Got mesh?

This 44 has plenty o’ mesh. Instead of a simple regular mesh of half mesh back, this glove has a full mesh back, meaning the whole back shell and wrist are covered in the lightweight material.

Let us not speak of the rarity of such an occurrence. Rawlings only offers this kind of full mesh through their exclusive Pro Department. Considering that it takes crazy connections to get a Pro Department glove, full mesh through Rawlings is almost impossible.

So, 44 was able to give this customer something that is extremely hard to get elsewhere, for a fraction of the price. That is where 44 wins, value. Best bang for your buck.

44 Pro Gloves Full Mesh

I could go on and on about this glove. The crown tip back is awesome. Again, this is something 44 Pro undertook to see if they could master it and make it an option to get. At the time of this writing, custom Wingtip gloves were not available through Rawlings (custom wingtips are no available).

44 has mastered what they call the “crown tip.” As you can tell through the pictures, the Wingtip back looks sick and the craftsmanship of the back looks great. No crooked welting, and the welting pattern is very comparable to Rawlings’ Wingtip.

Whoever designed this glove has some good taste. I really like the black outer shell with the blonde/camel palm and lacing. The red embroidery and stitching just pops.

44 Pro Gloves Full Mesh

It is pretty obvious that I love this glove. The best part of this glove is the price. Although this is loaded with some premium features, the price is only $185, a startling low price for a glove like this.

The Crown Tip is available on 44’s builder , but the full mesh is not. You can include the full mesh request in the special instructions.

Start customizing your own 44 full mesh/crown tip back glove at

Editors’ Note:

The pretty sweet glove stands you see in the picture are made by Standup Gloves, a group of two guys in the Instagram Glove Community who specialize in making glove stands. Check them out.

44 Pro Gloves Crown Tip: 5 Things to Know

44 Pro Gloves has released another awesome option to put on your custom glove – the Crown Tip. Here’s everything you need to know about the 44 Pro Gloves Crown Tip before you pull the trigger on one:

44 Pro Gloves Crown Tip

1. There is a Purpose

Looks aside (we’ll touch on that later), the Crown Tip has a two serious purposes:

  1. Greater comfort: The Crown Tip successfully aims to rid of any possible abrasion of your finger against the welting that runs down the fingers of a non-Crown Tip glove. You can definitely feel the welting on a non-Crown Tip 44.
  2. Greater Surface Area: Although going finger-out is not a necessity, a 44 Pro Gloves Crown Tip model will allow you to put your finger anywhere on the back of the glove. This is a plus if you put your finger out between the index and middle fingers (I’ve seen it a lot), as most regular gloves feel really uncomfortable if you happen to do that.

2. It Looks Great

Come one now. That Crown Tip design just looks really good-looking. And since there aren’t too many players with Wing Tip gloves on the field, so it is bound to have a few eyes on it and maybe even a few complements.

3. Stamping Options

The “crown” stamping on the Crown Tip area is available in three different options, each of which will match the palm stamping:

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Natural Stamping: no color, just a stamp

4. Signature Series Only

As of now, 44 only allows you to customize a Crown Tip model in their highest line of gloves, the Signature series. It is their Kip leather series with a starting price tag of $185.

5. Available Sizes

44 allows you to customize a Crown Tip model in three sizes with any web style:

  1. 11.5″: Great for a middle infielder or even a third basemen that likes smaller gloves.
  2. 11.75″: Good for a shortstop or third basemen.
  3. 12″: Great for a third basemen or even a shortstop who likes a really long glove.

Start customizing your own 44 Pro Gloves Crown Tip model at

The Top 5 Infield Training Gloves in 2018

The truth is… the ability to make quick transfers is more important than ever for shortstops and second basemen.

With the game speeding up every single day, coaches are increasingly valuing this precious skill on the daily.

But most middle infielders aren’t practicing this skill, making it easier than ever to get ahead of those with slower hands.

And the easiest way to get quicker hands is by using a training glove, or a smaller-sized mitt built to help you master this skill.

Put simply, this smaller size doesn’t allow you to be lazy on any catch by making you focus and catch every ball with two hands.

This improves your hand-eye coordination over time – the most important factor of making quick transfers.

And just like regular-sized gloves, there are specific models that are simply better than the rest – and the 5 below certainly do.

5. All Star “The Pocket” Infield Training Glove

All Star "The Pick" Training Glove

“The Pocket” is a 9.5″ infield training glove manufactured by All Star that flexes like its bigger counterparts.

This allows you to get a similar feel to your gamer while still getting the benefits and training of a far shallower pocket.

And because it’s built with some nice materials, it’s the perfect tool to practice with for many years.

Buy Now

4. 44 Pro Gloves Infield Training Glove

44 Pro Gloves Infield Trainer

44 Pro Gloves’ version of the infield training glove measures at 9.5″ and is made with their durable steerhide leather. 

Like the All Star model, this glove flexes like a full-size glove and has all the benefits listed above.

However, the 44 Pro is a better option because our experiences with both say that the 44 is simply built with better materials.

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3. Valle Eagle 975S Infield Training Glove

Valle Training Glove

Valle is a company dedicated to making training gloves of different varieties, and they hit a home run with the Eagle 975S.

This 9.75″ trainer squeezes slightly differently than a regular mitt, a difference that will help you get quicker hands in less time.

With this unique pattern construction and durable materials, it’s a great (and albeit pricey at $155) option for infield practice.

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And if you can swing $195, we’d certainly recommend the Kip Leather version of this training mitt.

You’ll be getting better leather than any other mitt on this list while still getting the benefits of this unique trainer.

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2. Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO200TR-2C Infield Training Glove

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO200TR-2C Infield Training Glove

After years of only having a lower quality infield training model available, Rawlings brought out the big guns in 2018.

The new Heart of the Hide infield training model measures at 11.5″ and is simply a smaller version of the famous 200 pattern.

That said, it’s won’t simply be a tool to train with, but also a high performance glove that will be fun to play with after training.

And for it’s price tag of $149.99, it’s an awesome model to supplement your Heart of the Hide or Pro Preferred gamer. 

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1. Wilson A2000 Training Glove

Wilson A2000 Training Glove

We’ve found that the best infield training glove is Wilson’s 9.5″ A2000 Infield Training Mitt. Here’s why:

One, it has the most unique shape of any mitt on this list, as it’s closer to a slightly rounded pad than an actual glove.

You can’t catch the ball without two hands, something that will improve your hand-eye quicker than the other mitts on this list.

And two, because it’s built with Wilson’s A2000 materials, and we simply love every inch of leather Wilson uses on the A2000. 

If you’re looking to improve your transfer speed in the least time, we believe that this will be accomplished with the A2000 trainer.

Buy Now

And if you need more information on training mitts or help picking the right one for you, email us at

44 Pro Gloves Dual Welting: the Definitive Guide

After a seemingly long hiatus from the custom builder, 44 Pro Gloves has added the “dual welting” feature back onto their customizer.

This post serves as a guide to this last reinstallation of dual welting onto the 44 builder, including a discussion of the history of dual welting and 44, the benefits of dual welting, and more.

44 Pro Gloves Dual Welting

History of Dual Welting and 44 Pro Gloves

Just a few months after launching their new Kip leather Signature Series, 44 added dual welting to their impressive amount of options to customize your glove.

However, after a slew of customers thought they would be slick and copy prior Wilson designs, 44 removed the option to avoid any possible conflict with the official baseball glove company of the MLB.

Then, 44 had to endure a long stretch of time when every single social media post was littered with a handful of “Where can I get dual welting?” questions, in which they had to respond that the option was no longer available.

However, today they finally brought back the option to give you, their customer, the most options of any company who creates custom gloves (44 does have the most options).

Although there is no clause that states that you cannot copy a Wilson model, I would advise against doing so in order to save this feature for other users looking to reap the following benefits of dual welting.

Benefits of Dual Welting

Believe it or not, but there is more to dual welting than just the two pieces of leather lining each finger, meaning there are specific benefits associated with a dual-welted glove.

First, the dual welting creates a curved finger design (like many Wilson models) and bowled shape that result in a slightly deeper pocket. However, the effect is not too great and you make a shallower pocket is you so wish.

Second, the extra support along the fingers aids in creating fingers that are more durable so that they will hold their shape over time. While there certainly is an uptick in stability and durability, the overall effect is minimal.

Quality of the Dual Welting

One concern I had with the original 44 Pro Gloves dual welting was that the welting was always very crooked and just looked like it was thrown together.

However, now the dual welting is as straight as line (as it should be) and looks just as good as the other companies that have been producing dual-welted gloves for decades by now (yes, that means Wilson).

More Information

If you want a 44 glove with dual welting, there are two options: either a top-of-the-line Kip Leather Signature Series model ($184.99) or the slightly lower Steerhide C2 model ($154.99).

If I were you, I would definitely consider going with dual welting on your next custom 44 if you feel confident that you would like the benefits this welting style provides.


Customize a 44 Pro Glove with Dual Welting