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Wilson is the best selling glove company among recreational players. Wilson Baseball Gloves are divided into many different series, but we will mostly feature two:

  • A2K: Wilson’s top line, retailing for $360. Features Wilson top 5% leather and the softest liner I have ever felt. A2K’s are so nice to use and are very durable. The 2017 A2K’s (blonde and black) are so nice. You can shop A2K models here.
  • A2000: Wilson’s most popular line, retailing for $250. A2000’s feature Wilson famous Pro Stock leather that is durable and keeps its shape. Every A2000 I have seen new feel so nice and every used A2000 I have seen has held its shape. Shop A2000 here.

2020 Wilson A2K Pitcher Gloves

The 2020 Wilson Glove Line includes two pitcher’s gloves that will help any hurler defend the mound from hard comebackers. Here is our guide to the 2020 Wilson A2K Pitcher Gloves:

2020 Wilson A2K B2

The B2 is a 12″ mitt with a 2-Piece Web and medium-depth pocket. It’s one of our favorite mitts for the mound and an overall solid mitt to don. Get it here.

2020 Wilson A2K D33

The D33 is an 11.75″ mitt with a wide and deep pocket, and is honestly a pretty funky pattern. We don’t recommend it over the B2, and suggest trying it out before buying it.

2020 Wilson A2K Outfield Gloves

Wilson’s 2020 Collection of A2K Outfield Gloves includes thrre models in both left-handed and right-handed throw. Here is our guide to the 2020 Wilson A2K Outfield Gloves:

2020 Wilson A2K 1799

The 1799 is a 12.75″ outfield mitt with an H-web and deep pocket. It’s Wilson’s best outfield model and highly rated among the best outfield mitts on the market. Get it here.

2020 Wilson A2K MB50

The MB50 is Mookie Betts’ Game model, and is a flashy 12.5″ mitt with a deep pocket. If you’re looking for a flashy mitt for the outgrass, this is a top choice for 2020. Buy it here.

2020 Wilson A2K 1775

The 2020 Wilson A2K 1775 is a 12.75, narrow-width, deep pocket model for the outgrass. While we don’t recommend it outright, we do recommend trying it out before buying it.

2020 Wilson A2K First Base Mitts

Wilson’s Glove Lines always include a first base mitt, and for the 2020 Glove Line, that lucky model is the 2820SS. Here’s out guide to the sole 2020 Wilson A2K First Base Mitts:

2020 Wilson A2K 2820SS

The 2820SS is a 12.25″ First Base mitt built with a lightweight Superskin back. There’s not a ton to say about it besides it’s a really solid mitt for one baggers. Get it here.

2020 Wilson A2K Catcher Mitts

For the 2020 Glove Line, Wilson stuck with one tried-and-true model in their top-of-the-line series: the M1. Here is our guide to the sole 2020 Wilson A2K Catcher Mitts:


The 2020 Wilson A2K M1 is a 33.5″ Catcher’s Mitt with a medium depth pocket. With a strong pocket, durable materials, and aesthetic look, it’s the perfect mitt for behind the dish. Buy it here.

2020 Wilson A2K Infield Gloves

The release of the 2020 Wilson Glove Line means a whole host of fresh A2K models would hit the market, and just like in past years, the Infield models are sweet. Here is our guide to the Wilson A2K Infield Gloves:


The 1786 is an 11.5″ mitt with an I-web and shallow pocket. It’s our favorite middle infield glove for 2020 and is simply an amazing mitt to use at shortstop and/or second base. Get it here.


The 1786SS is the Superskin version of the aforementioned 1786, with the same 11.5″ length with an I-web and shallow pocket. However, it’s bit lighter, which is perfect for middle infielders looking for an easier glove to handle. Buy it here.


The 2020 Wilson A2K 1787 is an 11.75″ mitt that is built for shortstop and third base. It’s listed as one of our favorite gloves for the left side of the infield, as it medium depth pocket is perfect for snagging grounders at short and third. Get it here.


The 1787SS is the Superskin, lighter-in-weight version of the above 1787. If you’re a third basemen or shortstop looking for a lighter glove, the 1787SS is the perfect model for you. Buy it here.


The Matt Chapman game model is simply a customized version of the above 1787 models. If you want a bit of a flashier glove (in orange tan and kelly green) for third or short, the MC26 is the best A2K infield model for you. Get it here.


The 1721 is a 12″ third basemen’s mitt with an H-web, and is Wilson’s best traditional third base mitt. With a deep pocket built for the hot corner, it will snag those hot shots at third. Buy it here.

Mookie Betts’ Glove: Wilson A2K MB50

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The winner of the Gold Glove award in the outfield for the past three seasons, Mookie Betts has put on an outfield clinic these past few years as the Red Sox right fielder.

And he’s done it all with his trusty Wilson A2K MB50 on his left hand, a 12.75″ outfield mitt with an H-web and deep pocket. It’s essentially a dolled-up version of the A2K 1799.

This year Betts went with a navy blue, vegas gold, and red Superskin colorway to complement his Red Sox uniform. It’s a dope combo in an outfield sector that is typically pretty bland.

It’s a beautiful glove that’s actually in the 2020 Wilson Glove Line, costs $359.99, and can be bought here.

Wilson Glove of the Month March 2019: Wilson A2000 OT6 with Superskin and (!) Snakeskin

As Spring Training continues and the MLB season approaches quickly, Wilson released the March rendition of their Glove of the Month. And while there have been many interesting outfield glove releases lately, few compare to this mitt.

The GOTM March is a 12.75 Wilsom A2000 OT6 in a red, gray, and white colorway. The back is a mixture of Superskin, Wilson’s own lightweight but ultra durable material, and Snakeskin, textured leather that looks sweet and feels dope, too.

Wilson rarely releases an outfield Glove of the Month, so if you’re looking to grab an amazing limited edition mitt for the outgrass, pick up the GOTM March 2019 at your local Glove of the Month dealer.

Wilson Glove of the Month February 2019

It’s been over a year since Wilson released its first snakeskin mitt as the GOTM September 2017, but the texture has once again made an appearance on the Wilson Glove of the Month February 2019.

And after an all-red glove was released as the GOTM January 2019, re is once again a prominent color on this month’s Glove of the Month along with black and white.

Officially, the GOTM February 2019 is an 11.5″ Wilson A2000 1786 with red Super Skin and black snakeskin finger strips and web. It’s a glove practically built for a shortstop with some swagger.

It’s a completely unique glove, and that’s the awesome thing about it. So, if you’re looking for a something cool with three (!) different textures, check out your local GOTM dealer and pick one up.

Wilson Glove of the Month January 2019: Ozzie Albies’ Wilson A2K 1786

Happy New Years to all you Glove Fans! Although it was a bit slow on this website in 2018, it certainly wasn’t slow in the glove world. Here’s to another new year of awesome glove!

Wilson Glove of the Month January 2019

We’re only two days into the new year and Wilson has already released an absolutely fire glove: the Glove of the Month January 2019, Ozzie Albies’ Game Model. What a way to start 2019.

It’s an all-red Wilson A2K 1786, and just like when Albies used it, this mitt is going to stand out on the field. It’s a great look for those on a red team who love to look flashy on the diamond.

And although red fades a bit with some heavy use (just check some photos of Albies’ glove at the end of the year), a bit of care goes a long way to preserving the red tint of the glove.


Put simply, this glove is for middle infielders who likes a bit of flash on their mitt. And if that’s you, definitely go to your local Glove of the Month dealer and pick one up. It’s an awesome gamer for 2019.

Wilson Glove of the Month January 2018: Wilson A2000 1716

Ever since Jose Altuve first debuted a 1716 pattern glove, it’s been the subject of fascination for us and the glove community at large due to its unique pattern and webbing.

And now it is no longer a fascination from a distance, as Wilson has made this distinct pattern available as the Glove of the Month January 2019.

Wilson Glove of the Month January 2018 2

It’s an 11.5″ glove with a medium depth pocket, perfect for middle infielders. And with a blonde, white, and black colorway, it’s a clean model for any second basemen or shortstop.

To get one, however, you can’t simply buy it online. You must go to your local Glove of the Month dealer, which can be found here, due to Wilson’s rules on their monthly limited edition gloves.