Wilson A2K or A2000? The 1 Question You NEED to Ask Yourself Before Buying

Wilson A2K or A2000?

You are trying to figure out the answer, but before you commit, ask yourself one question:

Am I willing to spend more time to break-in and send more money for a more durable glove?


Response #1: Yes. Short Answer: A2K. Why? Read on.

Response #2: No. Short Answer: A2000. Why? Read on.

Here is why you should ask yourself this questions: the two series are different, but very comparable at the end of the day.

Now, let me help you figure out whether to choose the A2K or A2000 based on your response to the question above.

Am I willing to spend more time to break-in and send more money for a more durable glove?

Some people HATE breaking-in gloves, and maybe that is you. Some love breaking-in a new glove, oiling the glove, playing catch, and doing mallet work on a fresh piece of leather.

Some people are willing to throw money to buy the best gloves, some people are really stingy with their money and only buy what will get the job done.

Either way, let me answer the questions based on your possible responses:

Yes, I am willing to spend the time and money on the better glove

Congrats, the A2K is for you!

This is what I am concluding from your response:

1) You are willing to spend more time to break-in your glove.

Overall, the A2K is just the stiffer glove. The materials are just thicker and stiffer, something you would like.

First, the A2K leather (called Pro Stock Select leather) is thicker and stiffer than the A2000 leather by a lot. Put your hand on one, and you will feel it right away. Over time, the leather holds its shape perfectly.

Next, the inserts/padding. Wilson puts thicker and stiffer padding into the A2K. Part of this is the extra piece of leather Wilson puts in the palm (called Double Palm Construction), which adds some firmness to the palm, and therefore some stiffness. This pays off, as the palm stays firm over time.

2) You are willing to spend more money for the better glove.

Yes, the A2K is better for the A2000.

But $110 better? Yes, it is. Out of the box, you can tell the leather feels better, the liner feels softer, and the glove feels sturdier.

If you are willing to drop $360 on a glove, you will find the A2K to be money well spent.

No, I want a more ready-to-play glove that is High-Quality with a Lower Price

Congrats, go buy yourself a Wilson A2000!

I have gathered this from your answer:

1) You want a glove that is more flexible out of the box.

Some players want a glove that are not too stiff out of the box, something that they can take out of the box and play a few rounds of catch and use it in their next game. Maybe that is you, and the A2000 gives you this.

Wilson says their A2000’s need 60% player break-in, but I have seen most of them are flexible right away. Open the box on your porch or living room, grab your buddy from up the street, and have a round of catch. You will see great progress and balls will not be popping out of the pocket every two seconds. Play catch a few more days, and your glove is game-ready.

2) You want to play a more reasonable price for a glove.

Maybe you are not ready to spend $360 on a glove. Even though you know that the more expensive glove is better, you can not get yourself to drop that much money on a glove. And I get that. Totally.

There is an alternative to dropping some big bucks: the A2000. While the price is $250, you will love your purchase.

The A2000 is still high-quality: great leather, great lace, overall great materials. Take care of your A2000, and it will last as long as an A2K would. No joke. Since both series use the same leather source, they share a lot of similarities, meaning they wear the same, and should last as long if taken care of.

For the $110 savings, you do not get the thicker padding/inserts, thicker leather, and a more comfortable liner, but you get one heck of a glove for those savings.


Ask yourself that question again, and when you have decided based on the above information, click on one of these links:

Shop A2K  Shop A2000


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  1. Once you go A2K you don’t go back to a A2000. I don’t know as a pro, why they will go for something less durable or comfortable. Its ignorance from the professionals part, these are simple men that wear black cleats. Even when its okay to wear grey or white shoes and no one complains or calls you out for it.These are simple men with simple taste in life, expect when it relates to they’re wives & ranch estates. The only thing I highly suggest before buying a retail A2K is to make sure you are getting the utmost quality glove you can find. Not all retail A2Ks are soft and made out of that amazing materials explained. For example I got an A2K glove of the month, cause it was rare. Anyhow the glove was by far the worst A2K I ever owned. The thick padding or materials weren’t present. As a consequence the glove was light and it was something I automatically noticed. A2K are in plain words heavy gloves, even with super-skin. So I knew something wasn’t right about it and it threw me off. Another think I notice was the bottom bidding wasn’t curved correctly. Your eyes can naturally tell when something is off. So just keep that in mind when buying gloves, even rawlings.

  2. Vincent Messineo

    June 15, 2018 — 11:33 pm

    Is Pro Stock leather American Steerhide or Japanese?

  3. Vincent Messineo

    June 16, 2018 — 9:33 am

    Thanks for the info.

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