Wilson A2K or A2000?: The Complete Guide

  • About the A2K: Pro Stock Select Leather (Top 5% of Wilson Leather), Double Palm Construction, Softer liner, and 3X craftsmanship. Priced at $380.
  • About the A2000: Pro Stock Leather, Wilson’s other high quality A2000 materials, etc. (liner, construction, and craftsmanship). Priced at $280.

Given these features, price points, and our own tests, we believe the A2000 is the best bang for your buck. This was not an easy decision, so let’s explain our reasoning:

  • The A2K has many great additional features, but they’re not overwhelmingly better. The A2K is softer and feels sturdier, but the A2000 also feels like a top-tier glove (because it is).
  • The durability difference isn’t notable: We’ve seen both gloves last years and years of daily use, and, honestly, we didn’t see a huge difference in each models’ longevity on an extended timeline.
  • The A2000 has more options: The A2000 comes in a ton of different models, makes, and with different features. You’re pretty limited when it comes to the A2K options, however.
  • The price difference is simply not worth it for many: Given what we’ve found, we can’t recommend spending $100 more for an A2K. If you can get one for the price of an A2000 (usually at the end of the baseball season), we’d jump (and have) on that opportunity.

We loved the A2K models we used on shorter and longer timelines, but the A2000 models we used gave us similar euphoric feelings. Therefore, if you’re shopping for a new Wilson glove, we recommend saving that extra $100 and going with a Wilson A2000 model you want.


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  1. Once you go A2K you don’t go back to a A2000. I don’t know as a pro, why they will go for something less durable or comfortable. Its ignorance from the professionals part, these are simple men that wear black cleats. Even when its okay to wear grey or white shoes and no one complains or calls you out for it.These are simple men with simple taste in life, expect when it relates to they’re wives & ranch estates. The only thing I highly suggest before buying a retail A2K is to make sure you are getting the utmost quality glove you can find. Not all retail A2Ks are soft and made out of that amazing materials explained. For example I got an A2K glove of the month, cause it was rare. Anyhow the glove was by far the worst A2K I ever owned. The thick padding or materials weren’t present. As a consequence the glove was light and it was something I automatically noticed. A2K are in plain words heavy gloves, even with super-skin. So I knew something wasn’t right about it and it threw me off. Another think I notice was the bottom bidding wasn’t curved correctly. Your eyes can naturally tell when something is off. So just keep that in mind when buying gloves, even rawlings.

  2. Vincent Messineo

    June 15, 2018 — 11:33 pm

    Is Pro Stock leather American Steerhide or Japanese?

  3. Vincent Messineo

    June 16, 2018 — 9:33 am

    Thanks for the info.

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