Superskin is a synthetic material Wilson is increasingly using on their new mitts, making it a good idea to know exactly what Superskin is. In this post we break down the facts about this material:

  • Superskin is a synthetic material with a soft, supple feel. Wilson claims it decreases the weight of the glove in half while doubling the strength of traditional leather.
  • Is it truly lighter weight? It definitely feels like it, whether placebo or not. Wilson’s own tests have said it is, as well, so the answer to this question is a definite yes.
  • Is it truly stronger? It’s hard to tell objectively. We’ve used Superskin gloves for a few seasons without the glove breaking down, but that is the standard with Wilson gloves. We can’t say its stronger, but we can say it doesn’t decrease the durability of a mitt.
  • Superskin is also water-repellant. Rain, sweat, and other liquids will slide off the Superskin without any damage or soaking in. In addition, it’s super easy to clean this material without ruining it, unlike leather.
  • Is it worth it? It depends. The feel of the material takes getting used to and some traditionalists probably won’t like it. But if you want a lighter glove that uses new-age materials, you should definitely check out Wilson’s Superskin models.