When evaluating the playability of a glove, you judge two things: how well you can control the mitt and its durability.

While all-leather Wilson gloves excel at both areas, another sector of Wilson mitts shines brighter in both aspects: Superskin models.

This synthetic material, available in black, red, blue, navy, white, and gray, has two traits: lighter weight and higher strength.

Because of these features, this is a material you want on your glove – and one that will make you a better fielder with a durable mitt.

2018 Wilson A20000 1786SS (2)


A Material Lighter than Leather

A lighter glove equals a more controllable one, and a more controllable mitt is one you can field better with.

Superskin, when utilized on the back of a Wilson mitt, makes a glove both lighter and more controllable.

The synthetic material weighs half the weight of traditional leather, according to figures released by Wilson.

In our estimations this would make a Superskin-backed mitt about 10-15% lighter than a comparable all-leather model.

You will immediately feel this weight difference after slipping on a SS mitt, and sense the greater control after taking a few groundballs.

Lighter weight = More control = Easier, more efficient fielding.

2018 Wilson A2000 RC22

A Synthetic 2X stronger than Leather

A lower weight is great, but what about the synthetic material’s durability?

Although other synthetics are less durability (particularly mesh), Superskin does not suffer the same fate.

Instead, Wilson’s proprietary microfiber is actually stronger than leather.

Wilson claims their material is twice as strong as traditional leather, and out experiences with it reaffirm the “greater strength” claim.

Our exposure to various used Wilson mitts shows Superskin mitts hold their shape better than akin all-leather gloves with similar usage.

Greater strength = More years to use your beloved mitt.

2018 Wilson A2000 DP15

What does this mean for you?

When you buy a Superskin glove, you get a lighter, more durable mitt that you can take to the field everyday.

Whether you have tried a synthetic material before or not, I know you will especially love Superskin and all its benefits.

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