Even though the spring season is fast approaching for the majority of us, there is still a bit of time to pick up a new one and even break it in if your old glove may not make it through next season.

And as a third basemen, you are blessed with plenty of options. But some are certainly better than others, and we tested a bunch of them and found the best third base gloves for 2019:


44 has spent the past few years making their $185 custom glove even better, and right now their gloves are simply unbeatable at their price point. Top companies simply can’t compete at this price.

So, if you’re a third basemen who wants a custom glove but not the high price tag, we’d recommend getting a 44 Pro Gloves in their new 574 pattern in a 12″ length with an H-web.

This will make you a glove with the perfect length for third base, the optimal pocket, and that even comes in the exact colorway you want and with your name on it. Start customizing now.

4. Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSNP5-2C

rawlings pro preferred prosnp5-2c

The NP5 pattern has been the choice of some of the top third basemen of the generation, as Gold Glovers Adrian Beltre and Manny Machado used an NP5 at the hot corner.

And with an 11.75″ length and I-web, this pattern is certainly perfect for third base. But, beware: this pocket is not rounded and deeper like other models, instead it is more flat and shallow.

So if you’re looking to dominate the hot corner like Manny Machado did and Adrian Beltre did prior to Machado, pick up the PROSNP5-2C and get one of the best 3B gloves on the market.

3. Wilson A2K 1721

2018 Wilson A2K 1721

The DW5 replacement, the Wilson A2K 1721 is a 12″ Third Basemen’s glove with an H-web. And while it differs from the DW5, its pattern is still as funky as the former David Wright game model.

This is not to say the glove is bad, in fact quite the opposite. It’s pocket is simply made for third basemen, and with its aforementioned specifications, it’s an awesome mitt for third.

2. Wilson A2000 1787

While the 1721 occupies the third spot, its slightly shorter brother occupies the second spot. This glove is the Wilson A2000 1787, an 11.75″ mitt with an I-web and medium depth pocket.

Though it’s shorter than the 1721, 1787 makes up for it with the perfect pocket for third base and an easier pattern to break in. And, in reality, 11.75″ is more than enough to defend at a high level.

1. Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO206-6JTB

The number one third base glove for the 2019 season is the Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO206-6JTB, and, honestly, nothing compares to this glove for the hot corner.

Its 12″ length is perfect for third base, and its deep pocket is perfect for scooping up grounders at third. And while other patterns on this list are great, the 206 pattern is unmatched at third base.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect mitt for the hot corner for the 2019 season, definitely pick up the PRO206-6JTB. You certainly not regret and may even have your best season in the field.

Are you a third basemen and need more help finding your perfect glove? Hit us up at info@ballglovesonline.com and we’ll personally help you find your next mitt.