After trying many different gloves and playing around with them at the hot corner, we have compiled a list of our favorite Third Base gloves for the upcoming 2023 season:

  1. Wilson A2000 1787: Wilson’s 11.75″ model comes with a medium depth, flat pocket that is perfect for third base. Although a bit smaller than the above model, we feel this model is still perfect for third base. Check it out here.
  2. Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO205: An 11.75″ version of the #1 model on this list. Still has the H-web but with a medium-to-deep pocket, this model is great for players who like a shorter glove at third. Buy it here.
  3. Mizuno Pro Select 11.75″: Another H-web model, this time from Mizuno. Comparable to the HOH and A2000, but is a bit cheaper ($265) and will come with a flatter and more Japanese-style pocket. Get it here.
  4. 44 Pro Gloves Custom 12″, H-web Glove: An affordable custom glove that comes with a good design and materials for third base. Only $200 with a ton of cool customization features. Start designing one here.

Best Glove Lengths for Third Basemen

  1. 12″: This is easily the best glove size for third basemen, but there are few good gloves left at this size. It makes a nice, deep pocket and gives you a lot of room to work with at the hot corner, but Rawlings discontinued their popular PRO206 model and Wilson’s 1795 just isn’t the same.
  2. 11.75″: 11.75″ gives you good control of your mitt without sacrificing length. While It doesn’t have the same reach or pocket depth as 12″, it’s great for the majority of third basemen who need something that will stop the ball and allow them to get it out of their pocket quickly.
  3. 12.25″: A glove size for bigger third basemen, 12.25″ gives you a ton of reach and a super deep pocket. While this may be a detriment to some players, having those two features can certainly be a boon for select third basemen.

Best Web Styles for Third Basemen

  1. H-web: The H-web provides a deeper pocket that helps corral the tougher grounders you might get at third. It’s also a durable web that won’t snap when faced with hot shots coming your way, either.
  2. I-web: The I-web is a great web for 3rd in that it provides a flexible but medium depth pocket. It’s better for third basemen who are quick with their hands, as it provides a bit shallower depth than the H-web for quicker transfers.
  3. Cross Web: None of the gloves on our list have the Cross/T-web, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a great web for 3rd base. It’s super flexible and can provide the deepest pocket, but both of those features can be a bit detrimental for most players.