Even as the outdoor beginning of the season quickly approaches for many players, there’s still time to both buy and break-in a new glove for the 2019 season.

And while there’s a ton of options for second basemen, some are clearly better than others. We tested a bunch of second base gloves and found the top five for the 2019 season.

5. Wilson A2000 1788

At 11.25″, the 1788 is Wilson’s smallest glove offered. And if you’re a second basemen who likes a smaller glove with a super shallow pocket, the 1788 is the perfect glove for you.

Just know that some models will run a little small and feel tiny on your hand – but the benefit of having a super shallow pocket to make quick transfers at second.

4. 44 Pro Gloves Signature Series 574 Pattern in 11.5″

We’ve recommended it for both shortstops and third basemen, and again for second basemen. The reasoning is simple: it’s hard to beat the value that is offered by 44’s custom model.

For $185, you get a fully customized glove in an 11.5″ pattern that is perfect for second base. So, if you’re a player who likes a flashy mitt at second, this affordable yet high quality option is for you.

3. Wilson A2000 1787

The 1787 is an 11.75″ glove with a medium depth pocket, and is the perfect glove for second basemen that like a longer glove without giving up the ability to make quick transfers.

The 1787 is also perfect for second basemen who play other positions as well, as the 1787 also works well at shortstop, third base, or even the outfield in a pinch.

2. Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS204-2RTB

Rawlings’ 11.5″ 204 pattern is perfect for the middle infield in that it comes with a shallow pocket and comes with a shape that is perfect for manning second base.

So, if you’re a die hard Rawlings user, we’d definitely recommend you pick up the PROS204-2RTB as your next second base glove. It’s certainly the best option they offer for two baggers.

1. Wilson A2000 1786

We’ve tried a bunch of gloves at second base and none have come close to the Wilson A2000 1786. With an 11.5″ pattern that feels amazing and plays even better, it’s perfect for second base.

So, if you’re in the market for a high quality second base glove, definitely start with the 1786 and I swear you’ll never want to try another glove again.