1. Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO3039: A perfect 12.75″ outfield mitt that features a deep, long pocket for corralling fly balls in the outfield. Get the best outfield glove for 2021 here.
  2. Wilson A2000 1799: Another 12.75″ mitt with a deep pocket, but slightly more rounded design. Falls a bit short of the above model, but the best outfield model for Wilson lifers. Buy it here.
  3. Wilson A2000 OT6/OT7: The best Trapeze outfield glove that will feature a long, flat pocket. The only issue with this design is that it is weak at the end of the fingers, but many outfielders like the elongated feel of the OT6. Get it here.
  4. Custom 44 Pro Glove: The best affordable custom glove on the market right now. Good materials, design, and obviously has unique customization options. We recommend a 12.75″ mitt with an H-web for the outgrass. Start customizing here.
  5. Rawlings PROSMT27: The Mike Trout model that is 12.75″ with a Trapeze web. Again, feels big with weak fingertips, but can be a great option for outfielders who like more glove in the outfield. Get it here.

Best Glove Lengths for Outfielders

  1. 12.75″: The perfect combination of length and pocket depth. Provides enough glove for easy and difficult plays in the outfield and a deep enough pocket for catching all fly balls in the outfield.
  2. 12.5″: A shorter glove length that allows for quicker transfers. You have decent enough glove for most plays in the outfield, and the pocket length is geared towards quicker transitions from glove to throwing hand.
  3. 13″: Simply too big for the wide majority of outfielders, but bigger outfielders may like 13″ gloves (which are rather rare).

Best Glove Webs for Outfielders

  1. H-Web: Provides the stability to securely catch the ball time-after-time in the outfield, and creates the perfect deep pocket needed in the outfield. Simply the best web design for outfielders.
  2. Trapeze: A web design that makes a mitt feel longer than labeled. Secure pocket, but lacks strength at the fingertips.
  3. Modified Trapeze: Good for players who used a Modified Trap on the mound or in the infield, but can feel too shallow for many in the outfield.