The Best Ambidextrous Mitts for Those Who Throw with Both Hands

Being able to throw with both arms is a unique trait, and one that should be celebrated for its intricacy and elongated learning curve. However, if you are one of the few people who is considered ambidextrous, there are few baseball gloves to accommodate your skill.

In this article we will break down the best ambidextrous baseball gloves to ensure that you are properly equipped on the mound to protect yourself and be able to utilize your skill on the bump.

  1. Rawlings XLE 12″ Ambidextrous Glove: The best combination of affordable price, quality, and break-in time in this category. Gamer XLE models are good enough for this unique situation, cost $150, and have minimal break-in time. Purchase one here.
  2. 44 Pro Gloves Ambidextrous Mitt: The only customizable mitt, and the one with the best materials. Will come stiff and is a bit more expensive than the alternatives ($230), but the quality and uniqueness are unmatched in this segment. Here’s a video on it and you can start customizing here.
  3. Akadema ABX 00 Ambidextrous Mitt: A 12″ mitt that comes broken-in from unboxing. The materials are not the highest quality, but it’s a good option for ambidextrous pitchers who don’t want to spend time breaking in a glove. Here’s a 360 of the glove, and you can buy it here.


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  1. Do you have sizes for ambidextrous 8 year olds?

  2. What store carries them in store

  3. is there any softball gloves for ambidextrous peopel

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