We’ve all done it before. We’ve taken off our glove, put the ball in our other hand, and tried to throw with our non-dominant arm.

And the results aren’t pretty. Either the throw almost hits someone else, or if it reaches your partner, it comes in so slow that even a t-baller could hit it.

But the truth is, there are actually pitchers who can bring it from both sides of the plate. The first recorded MLB pitcher to do so was Pat Venditte in 2015:

And when he finally made his debut, it was the main news story in sports the next day. But what caught my attention wasn’t his historical debut, but something else: his glove.

Though I definitely heard of the idea of an ambidextrous glove, I never actually saw one until I saw Venditte hop on the bump for the Athletics.

I quickly fell in love with his Mizuno Pro Amibdextrous Mitt, which Venditte briefly talks about in the following video:

He used similar models in subsequent appearances, but the fact of the matter is that he is using a mitt you won’t see on store shelves.

In fact, you can’t even buy a Mizuno Pro Ambidextrous mitt online, an interesting tidbit that prompts the following question:

What are the best ambidextrous mitts?

And after some research into the subject, we’ve found the three best ambidextrous mitts for you:

3. Akadema ABX 00 Ambidextrous Mitt

Akadema ABX 00 Ambidextrous Mitt

The ABX 00 has been around seemingly forever, and is a favorite for those who are ambidextrous and want to only buy one glove.

But, there are certainly better mitts out there for ambidextrous pitchers, as the leather and construction on this mitt are simply not that good.

However, if you’re looking for a glove that could be ready right away and last you a generally long time, certainly take a look at the ABX 00.

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2. 44 Pro Ambidextrous Glove

44 Pro Ambidextrous Glove

The 44 Pro Ambidextrous Glove is the most unique option on this list for one reason: you can customize it.

With nine customization options, you can certainly make the 44 Pro Ambidextrous Glove exactly your own by adding colors and even your name.

44 Pro Ambidextrous Glove

And the Kip leather on the glove is by far the best leather offered on any of the gloves on this list. However, there are a few drawbacks.

One, the price. The 44 Pro Ambidextrous Glove is almost double the price of any other mitt on this list, largely because of the extra options you get.

Two, the break-in. 44 Pro Gloves are notoriously hard to break-in, and this may be a large issue for a glove that it meant to be used with both hands.

But if you’re comfortable with a lengthy break-in and higher price, this is the best ambidextrous mitt for you.

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1. Rawlings Gamer XLE Ambidextrous Glove

Rawlings Gamer XLE Ambidextrous Glove 1

The Rawlings Gamer XLE Ambidextrous Glove is a newcomer to the game of ambidextrous gloves, but it’s certainly been able to top the rankings quickly.

It has durable yet soft leather and solid construction, meaning you’ll be able to use the mitt out of the box and still use it years down the road.

Rawlings Gamer XLE Ambidextrous Glove 2

And with the best pattern for an ambidextrous mitt, the mitt will feel awesome to close and you’ll have no issues fielding with the funky ambidextrous mitt.

And at only $129.99, it comes at great price point for the best ambidextrous glove on the market.

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