Zack Greinke takes the hill tonight in the Wild Card Game bout against the Colorado Rockies, and he will do it with his trusty Rawlings Gold Glove Collection RGG1200 with the following specifications:

The Bottom Line: Although it gives the impression of simplicity, the spattering of gold throughout Zack Greinke’s Glove makes it one of the cooler gloves we have seen on the bump thus far.Zack Greinke's Glove: Rawlings Gold Glove RGG1200Zack Greinke's Glove: Rawlings Gold Glove RGG1200

More Information about Zack Greinke’s Glove:

  1. What is Opti-Core?: Opti-Core is a technology that incorporates multiple layers of “pre-curved” padding underneath the palm to create both a distinct shape and squeeze. Although it does feel odd at first, the Opti-Core technology is helpful in shaping the glove.
  2. More on the Gold Glove Collection: This line, which retails at $500, features otherworldly good leather and an extremely plush liner. In addition, it is only crafted by one person – meaning each glove comes with a unique feel and impeccable craftsmanship.
  3. More on Metallic Gold: My guess is that Greinke takes extremely good care of his glove, as Metallic Gold (especially on the welting) is known to fade fairly fast. However, it does look amazing in both person and in pictures when new.
  4. How to Buy: Although you can not buy the exact model that the Diamondbacks’ ace uses, there are two newer versions available: an 11.75″ two-piece model (Buy Now) and a 12″ modified trapeze model (Buy Now).

Photo Source: Brian Davidson/Getty Images North America