After seeing Wilson release the Wilson A2000 CZ2, I started to wonder – does Zach Cozart really use the CZ2? What I ended up finding about Zack Cozart’s Glove(s) is very intriguing.

First, like most MLB players, Cozart uses two main gloves: a game glove and a warm-up/practice glove. I expected Zack Cozart’s Game Glove to be the CZ2, but instead found out it was something different…

Zack Cozart’s game Glove is an all-black Wilson A2000 1786, not the same thing as the CZ2. While it is a classic look, it is nearly impossible to buy an all-black 1786, instead there are saddle tan and blonde 1786 models.

And then I looked into how the CZ2 came to be, only to find out it is Cozart’s warm-up glove and potentially his future gamer, as it looks like he has been using it little bit in warm-ups:

Zack Cozart's Glove: Wilson A2000 CZ2

Like noted earlier, Wilson did release the Wilson A2000 CZ2. It took a while to sell all of the models, but it seemed like people really did like how it looked. I like how it looks in the picture above, but this glove still does sway my opinion about white on gloves.

I still have not seen one of Zack Cozart’s Gloves that I knew he received in spring training. Here you can see the other glove with the CZ2 along with Brandon Phillips’ two DATDUDE models:

Zack Cozart's Gloves/Brandon Phillips' Gloves

It is kind of hard to see the design, so I make a mock-up on the custom builder:

Zack Cozart's Glove

More white, and now navy. Not quite team colors, but flashy.

Let’s see if Cozart retires the black beauty in time for spring training so he can finally use his flashier gloves in games. Which one of Zack Cozart’s Glove would you like to see him use next season?