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Yu Darvish’s Glove: Custom Asics D-Line

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Yu Darvish has always had one of the more interesting gloves in the MLB for a few reasons: First, he uses an Asics glove, a rarity in the MLB, and second, he always uses bright colors on his mitts.

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And this year is no different. He’s back with a custom Asics D-Line model, this year in green. However, the rest of the glove is the same, with the fastback, finger good, and 12.5″ length.

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And with signature on the thumb and the custom web stitching, Yu Darvish’s Glove is certainly one of the coolest gloves for the 2019 season. Would you rock his mitt on the mound?

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  1. Gary August 6, 2017

    Where can you order this glove and how much is it?

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