Yu Darvish’s Glove is simply one of the cooler gloves in the MLB. Therefore, when I saw it used in a World Series game, I could not help but dig deeper and find the following information.

First of all, Darvish’s mitt is one of the longest pitching gloves currently in the MLB at 12.5 inches. In addition, his mitt has an odd, yet admittedly sweet, grip-concealing one-piece web.

Aside from it long length, this pattern also features a Fastback design that is far more prominent in Asia than the United States. The benefit of this back design is a stiffer and snugger feel.

Far simpler than the aforementioned complex pattern is the colorway of Darvish’s mitt. This design is all-black with white embroidery and differs much from his past red and blue designs.

However, the materials used on Darvish’s mitt are unknown. We do  know that his glove is an Asics D-Line and the materials have held up well for him throughout his career.

What are your thoughts on Yu Darvish’s unique glove?

Photo Credits to Norm Hall/Getty Images North America.

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