Top MLB prospect Yoan Moncada is looking to make a splash in the MLB this year, and he’ll be taking the field with a glove that he first showcased during his MVP performance at the 2016 Futures Game. Here is Yoan Moncada’s Glove, a custom Wilson A2000 1788:

Moncada came up with a gorgeous and flashy red, white, and blue design for his game glove. I’m guessing this colorway is a tribute to Moncada’s home country of Cuba, as this color scheme matches neither his current team (White Sox) nor his former team (Red Sox), but clearly matches the Cuban flag. At any rate, Yoan Moncada’s Glove is such a beautiful glove.

Yoan Moncada's Glove

At the beginning of his minor league career, Yoan Moncada was a third basemen/shortstop and used the 11.75″ 1787 pattern to hold down the left side of the dirt. When Moncada was traded to the Sox in a blockbuster deal this offseason, he suddenly became a full-fledged second basemen, so he decided to go with a smaller pattern that is more reasonable for a two bagger, the 11.25″ 1788 pattern.

Yoan Moncada’s Glove is a true beauty. If Moncada ends up panning out, he might be able to become the next Brandon Phillips of Wilson, meaning a player with serious swag that annually comes up with flashy designs for a stock model. He’s certainly getting off on the right foot, both on the field and with his glove designs. For now, Yoan Moncada’s Glove is only available through the custom builder.