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Baseball Monkey EXCLUSIVE: Wilson A2000 1786SS

BM Wilson A2000 1786SS

This Limited Edition Wilson A2000 1786SS, an exclusive mitt from Baseball Monkey, a large online sports retailer, is an awesome, good-looking, and unique middle infield glove. Its features make it a top option for the two positions, too: 

  • 1786 Pattern: The BM Wilson A2000 1786SS is an 11.5″ glove with an I-web shallow pocket, making it a perfect mitt for shortstop and second base.  
  • Black, White, and Gold Colorway: This limited edition glove features both a unique and awesome colorway, which will surely stand out in the middle infield. 
  • Superskin: This proprietary synthetic material lightens the weight and strengthens the 1786, making it even more durable and lightweight than the typical A2000.
  • A2000 Materials: Wilson’s top-notch Pro Stock Leather, solid lacing, and soft lining materials make the BM Wilson A2000 1786SS a durable and long lasting glove.  

Takeaway: With the best middle infield pattern, cool colorway, and top quality materials, the BM Wilson A2000 1786SS is an awesome option to be your next shortstop and/or second base mitt.

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Limited Edition 2018 Wilson A2K DATDUDE

Limited Edition 2018 Wilson A2K DATDUDENot a fan of the stock 2018 DATDUDE? Wilson has an alternative: the Limited Edition Wilson A2K DATDUDE, a glove that shares specs with the stock Brandon Phillips model but employs a different colorway.

“Navy, Red, Gold, and Tropical Blue”

The colorway on the limited edition 2018 Wilson A2K DATDUDE is a combination of Navy Blue, Red, Yellow Gold, and Tropical Blue. It’s not an awesome-looking design, but does look better than the only other Phillips model.

“Excellent Pattern for the Middle Infield”

On the specification side of things, this limited edition model measures at 11.5”, has an I-web, and features a clawed back design. This pattern comes with an extremely shallow pocket and is an excellent option for the middle infield.

“A Better-Looking DATDUDE Model”

If you are searching for a better-looking DATDUDE model without sacrificing the pattern’s unique features, the limited 2018 Wilson A2K DATDUDE is your best option at $359.99. Unless, of course, you want to buy the even better-looking 2016 DATDUDE for $209.98.

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