Wilson Glove of the Month May – Wilson A2000 1789 with Super Skin

It is the middle of May, and we are just now doing an article on the Wilson Glove of the Month May due to a delay many retailers faced in receiving their models. Sure, it is a little late, but just seeing this glove and articulating it is worth the wait.

What it is

The Wilson Glove of the Month May is a Wilson A2000 1789 model, indicating that it measures in at 11.5” with what Wilson calls the “Pro-Laced T-web,” a web more commonly known as the modified trapeze web. It is the May installment of the Wilson Glove of the Month program.

The Colorway

With a:

  • Black: palm, web, back, lacing
  • Red: Thumb, Wrist, Binding, and Fingers
  • White: Colorway
  • Black/White Logos

… The Wilson Glove of the Month May has a unique colorway. Adding to that uniqueness is a feature featured on a few prior released gloves – contrasting finger panels – that add some more flash to an already flashy glove.

A Look at the Contrasting Finger Panels

Maybe you have seen “Contrasting Finger Panels” before on gloves like the Wilson Glove of the Month February, the Wilson A2000 1786 Holiday Edition, or even some of the Wilson World Baseball Classic Gloves. Even if you do not remember this feature on the aforementioned gloves, you can see the red contrasting finger panels on the Wilson Glove of the Month May and how they impact the look of a glove.

Super Skin

As noted earlier, the Wilson Glove of the Month May has Super Skin in-between the fingers, mimicking this feature from the Wilson A2K 1788. While it is different from the full Super Skin back that many of the “Super Skin model” gloves feature, it still provides the same benefits – lighter weight.

Just mentioning that Super Skin makes a glove lighter is not enough to describe the full extent of this synthetic material. In addition to its knack to lower the weight of a glove (up to 15%, probably about 5-10% on this glove), it also strengthens the overall structure of the Wilson Glove of the Month May and makes it more durable.

Because Super Skin only covers a small area of the back of the Wilson Glove of the Month May, any person partially against Super Skin can benefit from its weight-saving tactics while avoiding the weird Super Skin feel.


Because of features like the lighter weight, 11.5” length, and grip-concealing modified trapeze web, we recommend the Wilson Glove of the Month May for pitchers who want a smaller, shallower, and flashier glove for the bump. We also would not rule out playing the middle infield with this glove, but we just see this more for the mound than the infield dirt.

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  1. They need to let you change colors of individual fingers on the custom glove site.. that would be so cool

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