Wilson Glove of the Month June: Custom Wilson A2000 1787 with Super Skin

This post serves as a guide to the Wilson Glove of the Month June, including a breakdown of the colorway, the synthetic material on the back of the glove, and the pattern of the latest installment of the GOTM program.

Pattern (1787) Overview

The Wilson Glove of the Month June is a Wilson A2000 1787SS model, meaning that June’s GOTM model is an 11.75” model with an I-web.

Used by MLB players like Dansby Swanson, Daniel Murphy, and Carlos Correa, the 1787 has a medium-depth pocket and also feels a bit longer than its marked 11.75” length.


The colorway on this Glove of the Month is one of the slickest yet: black leather base with orange welting, orange lacing, orange binding, orange/black labels, and finally, black Super Skin on the back of the glove.

In my opinion, the design on this glove is so nice because it takes a simple base of black and infuses it with a flashier color, orange, to make a colorway that balances simplicity with some flash.

Super Skin

As we mentioned earlier, the Wilson Glove of the Month June has Super Skin, a synthetic material, on the back of it.

The goal of Super Skin is simple: to make a glove lighter. And, it actually delivers by making your glove lighter, so much so that you will be able to feel the difference when slipping on this glove after using an all-leather glove.

When you are armed with a lighter glove like this, you will be able to both react faster to a hit ball and also control this glove better than an all-leather glove.


Overall, the features of the Wilson Glove of the Month June work best for shortstops or third basemen who are on an orange team (or just like the color orange) and are looking for a high-quality, yet lighter weight, glove.

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  1. This is H-Web for Wilson.

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