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Wilson Glove of the Month July 2017: US-themed Wilson A2000 1786

  • The Wilson Glove of the Month July, a US-themed Wilson A2000 1786, pays tribute to our country during the birth month of America.
  • It is the second iteration of an American-themed July GOTM, as Wilson released a similar-looking mitt last year that also featured a star-spangled banner web.
  • But unlike the pitcher’s glove that was released last year, this year’s GOTM July is a perfect middle infield model.

Celebrate America with this US-themed Colorway

  • The goal of the Wilson Glove of the Month July’s colorway was to match the American flag, the main symbol of the United States for over 200 years.
  • Therefore, the design features the three colors of the American flag: a scattering of navy throughout the mitt with white and red finger stripes.

Our Take on the GOTM July's Colorway

  • I love the classy look of this red, white, and blue colorway, and love the fact that it somewhat resembles the American Flag.
  • Although I am typically not a huge fan of white, it is hard for me to dislike a design that combines this color in such a sweet manner.  

What You must know about the 1786 Pattern

  • The Wilson Glove of the Month July is a Wilson A2000 1786 model, meaning it measures at 11.5 inches and has an I-web.
  • In addition, the 1786 pattern features a shallow pocket design that allows you to get the ball out quickly, regardless of situation. 
  • Why it matters: Middle infielders need something with a smaller length (for more control) and a shallower pocket (for quick transfers), and the 1786 pattern provides just that.

Our Take on the 1786 Pattern

  • The 1786 is my favorite pattern for the middle infield, as its length and pocket depth are simply perfect for shortstop or second base.
  • In addition, the 1786 Pattern is the most popular pattern among MLB middle infielders, displaying its excellence at the highest level. 


  • Quick Recap: The Wilson Glove of the Month July measures at 11.5", features an I-web and shallow pocket, and has an American-themed red, white, and navy blue colorway.
  • Therefore, if you want a middle infield glove with a bit of a patriotic feel, I have yet to find a better option than the Wilson Glove of the Month July.
  • How to buy the Wilson Glove of the Month July

    • If you are looking for an online buying option, eBay would be your best bet to hopefully acquire this mitt. However, availability and prices vary greatly.
    • In addition, you will be able to find the Wilson Glove of the Month July in certain local stores, and prices and availability are typically stable. 

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