Happy New Years to all you Glove Fans! Although it was a bit slow on this website in 2018, it certainly wasn’t slow in the glove world. Here’s to another new year of awesome glove!

Wilson Glove of the Month January 2019

We’re only two days into the new year and Wilson has already released an absolutely fire glove: the Glove of the Month January 2019, Ozzie Albies’ Game Model. What a way to start 2019.

It’s an all-red Wilson A2K 1786, and just like when Albies used it, this mitt is going to stand out on the field. It’s a great look for those on a red team who love to look flashy on the diamond.

And although red fades a bit with some heavy use (just check some photos of Albies’ glove at the end of the year), a bit of care goes a long way to preserving the red tint of the glove.


Put simply, this glove is for middle infielders who likes a bit of flash on their mitt. And if that’s you, definitely go to your local Glove of the Month dealer and pick one up. It’s an awesome gamer for 2019.