It’s been over a year since Wilson released its first snakeskin mitt as the GOTM September 2017, but the texture has once again made an appearance on the Wilson Glove of the Month February 2019.

And after an all-red glove was released as the GOTM January 2019, re is once again a prominent color on this month’s Glove of the Month along with black and white.

Officially, the GOTM February 2019 is an 11.5″ Wilson A2000 1786 with red Super Skin and black snakeskin finger strips and web. It’s a glove practically built for a shortstop with some swagger.

It’s a completely unique glove, and that’s the awesome thing about it. So, if you’re looking for a something cool with three (!) different textures, check out your local GOTM dealer and pick one up.