Wondering what the Wilson Glove of the Month January 2016 is?

Wilson Glove of the Month January 2016

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With the new month (and new year) rolling around, the GOTM January was going to reach retailers soon. It did arrive very early to avoid the mess that is working around days the post office is closed.


I cannot say I was super thrilled about the Wilson Glove of the Month January 2016. I am just not a fan of white on a glove, and a ton of white is used on this model. I will say the navy and gold looks good, but all of the white is not for me.

Wilson chose two colors that are notorious for fading: white and navy. I mean, what can you expect out of white? Anything white attracts dirt and the dirt just stays on white. And unlike white clothing, a lot of scrubbing will not get rid of the dirt.

I am not sure what about navy makes it fade so fast, but it is well-known for fading. Navy just does not hold its color well for some reason, but it looks fantastic new. However, if you take care of navy leather, it will look good for a bit longer than if left alone.

If I were to get this glove, it would be a shelf glove or a short term gamer. I would not rely on the colors for a long term gamer, but if you are looking for a cool glove to casually use or maybe shelf, this glove is going to be great.

Wilson Glove of the Month January 2016

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Wilson used their sole 11.5″ pattern with an H-web, the PP05. The PP05 is a newer pattern from Wilson, just being released a little bit over a few years ago. The PP05 is 11.5″ and has an H-Web.

The PP05 pattern is a little bit different than the typical 11.5″ model we expect from the Wilson, the 1786. The PP05 has a wider and deeper pocket, partly due to the H-web and partly due to the subtle pattern changes Wilson made from the 1786 pattern. However, I have found the PP05 pattern to be great for the middle infield, and once you get used to the pattern, you will love it.

Final Thoughts and Where to Buy

I like the pattern choice, but I wish Wilson went with a different colorway, something not white. However, I know a few of you like this glove and want to buy it. If so, get it here.

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