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Wilson Glove of the Month December 2016: Dansby Swanson’s Glove

Over the last few years, Wilson has done a heck of a job designing the Wilson Glove of the Month December models. In 2014, it was the brown and black Wilson A2K DP15. In 2015, it was the “Sweet Lou,” the vintage tan and red Brandon Phillips model. For 2016, it’s the exact replica of Dansby Swanson’s game model from the last season (minus the embroidery):

The first thing that came to my mind when viewing both Dansby Swanson’s glove and this Glove of the Month was how beautiful it is.

Exact Colorway

The colorway of the Wilson Glove of the Month December 2016 is simple – all-blonde leather with Navy lacing and navy/red logos. The goal was to create a Braves-themed glove, and Swanson hit the nail on the hammer.

Opinion of the Colorway

It’s beautiful. Put simply, this is just one of the cleanest colorways I have seen to date. Wilson’s blonde leather is always refreshing, but pairing it with navy lacing and the logos make the Wilson Glove of the Month December 2016 a drop-dead knockout.

As expected, the Wilson Glove of the Month December 2016 is a fringe glove between shortstop and third base. Here’s why:

Intro to the Pattern

The Wilson Glove of the Month December 2016 is an 11.75″ glove in the 1787 pattern. From our market research, Swanson is not the only shortstop to use this pattern; Carlos Correa is another. But, there are also a good amount of third basemen who use this pattern as well.

Therefore, when combined with some other factors, we believe the 1787 is a perfect glove for either spot. Here’s why:

Notes on the Pattern

Our reasoning for the statement we just made is that the 1787 comes with a medium pocket depth and has that good 11.75″ length. At short, you can develop a pocket that is shallow enough to make quick transfers and the length gives you good reach. At third, you can deepen the pocket enough to snag ground balls and the length is enough at the hot corner.

Recommendations on the Pattern

We recommend this glove for a shortstop that likes a larger and deeper glove. We also recommend this glove for a third basemen who likes a bit of a shallow pocket and a good size.

Overall, we love the Wilson Glove of the Month December 2016 in all of its facets.

Recommendations on the Wilson Glove of the Month December 2016

The Wilson Glove of the Month December 2016 is just about perfect. If you like the looks (almost everyone does), the pattern for whichever position you use, and the awesome durability of this A2K, there are few gloves that are better than this.

The Wilson Glove of the Month December 2016 is now unavailable. Contact your local Glove of the Month dealer for any available options.

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  1. Samuel December 8, 2016

    YESSSS!!!! I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever!!! Dansby going to be a great player and his glove is flames too!!!

  2. Thomas Johnson December 8, 2016

    I’ve been looking for this for a while, and finally found it on your website. I’m glad I did, as this glove is just so nice. Nice job on the article(s), you just earned yourself a new email subscriber. I can’t wait for future emails on Glove of the Months.

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