5 Things to Know About Wilson Colored Super Skin (Red, White, Blue Super Skin)

With the recent release of colored Super Skin by Wilson, I have come up with five things you need to know about this new feature:

1. It is Just as Lightweight as Black Super Skin

Super Skin’s main purpose is to shed weight. Just like the O.G. black Super Skin, the various colors of the new Wilson colored Super Skin save weight, and just as much as the black Super Skin did.

2. It has a Different Feel

To get the different colors of the colored Super Skin, Wilson had to change up how they made the Super Skin a bit. The white, blue, and red Super Skin’s have a softer and smoother feel than the black Super Skin had, which is not a problem, but something you should know.

3. Colors are Lighter than Their Leather Counterparts

Super Skin is not leather, meaning that the same dyes Wilson uses on leather can not be used on their colored Super Skin. That is why there is some color difference between say red leather and red Super Skin, as seen on Hanley Ramirez’ glove:

Hanley Ramirez' 1B glove: Wilson A2000 1617 with Colored Superskin

The Wilson Custom builder does a good job at trying to depict this, but ends up showing the blue Super Skin as a navy color, which is not what it turns out to be:

Wilson Blue Super Skin

Instead, you see a slightly darker royal blue with a small color shade difference from the blue leather.

4. Still Super Strong

Super Skin’s other main appeal is strength. Although Wilson says that Super Skin is twice as strong as leather, I can not confirm their claim, but I do know that it is strong: holds its shape a bit better and can not be scratched easily. The colored Super Skin has this same strength with just a bit of flash.

5. Still Water-Resistant

A cool thing about Super Skin is that water hits it, and then slides right off, meaning you can clean it off if it gets dirty. That will come in handy if you get the white Super Skin:

Wilson Glove of the Month October with White Super Skin

Although the white Super Skin will not get dirty as quickly as white leather would, there might be a time to clean it off, and you can do it without the fear of weighing down your glove.

The red and blue Wilson colored Super Skin colors have this water-resistant trait as well.


So, basically, Wilson colored Super Skin offers everything the black Super Skin does, but with some flash. I would recommend the colored Super Skin to you if you like flashy glove but still want the traits that I discussed above. Start customizing here.

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  1. Hanley’s glove is so nice.

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