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First look at the new Wilson Bandit Series

What is the world is the Wilson Bandit Series?

The Bandit Series is Wilson’s replacement for the late 6-4-3 series that never sold well. The Bandit Series’ goal is to be a flashier glove for younger players without sacrificing quality.

How good are the materials?

The quality of the materials is very good for the price, which is $100. The Steerhide leather is stronger and more durable than its predecessor, the 6-4-3. The quality gives you good bang for your buck, especially compared to its competition at this price range.

What age group are the Wilson Bandit Series made for?

The Bandit Series models are aimed for players aged 10-14. The materials, fit, and price are great for players in this age group on a sub-$100 budget. There are infield, outfield, and pitcher models available. Let’s take a look at the individual models:


Wilson Bandit 1788

The Wilson Bandit 1788 is the 11.25″ Bandit model, perfect for a middle infielder who likes a smaller glove. This particular model has Pedroia fit, a tighter hand and finger fit that is perfect for people with smaller hands. The player won’t sacrifice looks either, as the Wilson Bandit 1788 looks sweet as well. Get it here.


Wilson Bandit 1786

Wilson’s most popular pattern is also in the Bandit Series. At 11.5″, the 1786 pattern is perfect for middle infield. The colorway isn’t too shabby either in blue and black with a bit of red. Get it here.


Wilson Bandit DP15

The all-red Wilson Bandit DP15 is for the players that want some flash. The DP15 is 11.5″ and has the tighter hand and finger stalls, making it perfect for a middle infielder with smaller hands. You can get this DP15 model here.


Wilson Bandit B2

The B2 is the Bandit pitching model at 12″. The two-piece web hides the grip, and the pattern overall is pretty sweet for the bump. If you are a pitcher who loves flashy gloves on a budget, this one is for you. Get it here in either right hand or left hand throw.


Wilson Bandit KP92

The KP92 is the sole outfield glove of the mix, and it measures at 12.5″. The size and modified trapeze web make it good for a younger outfielder, as the modified trapeze makes a secure catch, and the size is easily controllable. The KP92 is available in both right hand and left hand throw, and you can get it here.

Wilson Bandit Series Final Thoughts

Overall, the Bandit series is a great buy for the price point. In a segment of lower quality gloves that differ from higher models, the Wilson Bandit Series shines. The quality of materials, pro patterns, and flashy colors make the Wilson Bandit Series a top glove for someone on a sub-$100 budget.

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