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Wilson A2K DATDUDE – A Complete Guide & Review

The Brandon Phillips Game Model, or better know as the Wilson A2K DATDUDE, has been a major staple in Wilson’s lineup since the latter part of 2013. This guide to the DATDUDE examines the glove’s pattern, multiple colorways, and any other pertinent information about the mitt.

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The DATDUDE always look sweet… Just look at each Model

Brandon Phillips is no stranger to creating team-oriented unique colorways, as evidenced by the many distinct colorways he has created throughout his tenure with Wilson. Here are individual breakdowns of the designs of each currently available DATDUDE models:

2017 Wilson A2K DATDUDE

2017 Wilson A2K DATDUDE

The most recently released DATDUDE features a colorway with four different colors – red on the web and back, black on the palm and lacing, white on the welting, and saddle tan on the finger strip. However, the saddle tan on the finger strip and thumb is Snake Skin, a rough textured leather that adds more individuality to an already special glove. Shop the 2017 DATDUDE for $299.95 – a $60 Discount.

2016 Wilson A2K DATDUDE

2016 Wilson A2K DATDUDE

The 2016 version of the Brandon Phillips game model is a conglomeration of black (on the finger strip, web, and thumb strip), blonde (on the back and binding), and red (on the palm and welting) to make a glove that takes a classic base and infuses it with some pop. In addition, the this DATDUDE was the first glove to have Snake Skin, featuring this textured leather on its finger strip.

2015 Wilson A2K DATDUDE

2015 Wilson A2K DATDUDE

The 2015 Model of the DATDUDE combines black (on the back and partial lacing/welting), blonde (on the thumb strip, palm, and web), and red (binding, finger strip) to form an overall flashy glove. This DATDUDE was the first Wilson model to feature multi-color laces, with black lacing in the web and red throughout the rest of the glove. Shop the 2015 DATDUDE for $239.95 – a $120 Discount.

The Colorway(s) are not the only unique parts of the DATDUDE – Take a Look at that Clawed Back!

In the 2014 MLB Offseason, Brandon Phillips went to the Wilson Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois in hopes of creating his gamer for the 2015 Season. What he ended up designing that day has served as the template for all three of the currently available Brandon Phillip Game Model gloves.

The DATDUDE pattern takes Wilson’s most popular middle infield pattern, the 1786 – including its 11.5” length and I-web – and expands upon it with a custom Clawed back design that exudes uniqueness. In addition, each Wilson A2K DATDUDE comes with an extremely shallow pocket that, believe it or not, is shallower than the 1786’s pocket.

Based on these pattern specifications, any of the three DATDUDE models are perfect for middle infielders looking for a pattern that combines a distinct look with a shallow pocket that is perfect for making quick transfers.

The Material Quality is Top-Notch – and completely worth the Money

Although a higher price tag – like the A2K’s $359.99 asking price – is sometimes a good teller of a top-notch glove, the A2K’s spotless reputation for excellence guarantees that the Wilson A2K DATDUDE you receive is one of the highest quality mitts on the market.

Each and every A2K’s high quality starts and ends with its superb Pro Stock Select leather, an American Steerhide with a smooth texture, thick feel, and exceptional long-term durability. Compared to Wilson’s A2000 leather, the A2K’s Pro Stock Select is smoother, thicker, and stronger at the slight expense of greater weight.

Overall, the Wilson A2K DATDUDE’s combination of first-rate leather quality, good lacing, and overall five-star construction make this mitt one of the best gloves on the market and completely worth the pricey investment.


If you are looking for a perfect middle infield pattern with a unique look, there is no better choice than any of the three Wilson A2K DATDUDE models. In fact, the only hard decision you must make is whether to choose the interesting 2017 DATDUDE, the half-classy/half-flashy 2016 DATDUDE, or the flashy 2015 DATDUDE.

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