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Wilson A2K 1721

The Wilson A2K 1721 is a recent addition to Wilson's Glove Line, replacing the outgoing Wilson A2K DW5 as the sole A2K third basemen's mitt. Here is what you need to know about this brand new model:


The 1721 Pattern is Brand New - and Differs from the DW5 Pattern

2018 Wilson A2K 1721
  • The 1721 pattern, just like the outgoing DW5 pattern it is replacing, measures at 12 inches and features a flexible H-web design.
  • But, the 1721’s pocket is shallower than the DW5’s notoriously deep pocket, yet will still be able to close around the ball easily and be a solid pocket for picking it at the hot corner. 

Our Take on the 1721 Pattern

The 1721’s slightly shallower and more straightforward pocket is a much better option for third basemen than the DW5’s funky deeper and longer pocket design.


The 1721 features a New Addition to Wilson's Lineup: Copper

Wilson A2K 1721
  • Wilson introduced a new color to its already diverse palette this year: copper. It is a lighter, brighter brown color that is only available on stock A2K models.
  • The Wilson A2K 1721 prominently features this new color on its palm, finger & thumb strips, and web, while also mixing in both black and white throughout the mitt.

Our Take on the Wilson A2K 1721's Colorway

The unique and sharp copper color has quickly become a personal favorite, especially when black and white are utilized in such a sweet-looking manner.


The 1721's Material Quality is Outstanding

Wilson A2K 1721
  • The Wilson A2K 1721 features an array of high quality materials that confirm its stature as a top quality third base gloves.
  • For example, the A2K’s Pro Stock Select leather is a thick and firm American Steerhide leather that is known for its long-term durability, despite the amount of use.
  • The 1721 also features a technology called Double Palm Construction, which places a thin piece of leather underneath the palm for a firmer and more durable pocket.
  • Despite this, the A2K 1721 will not be a total bear to break-in due to Wilson’s 3X shaping process, which pre-shapes your mitt in the factory to make the glove more workable out of the box.

Our Take on the 1721's Materials

The A2Ks’ materials one-two punch of pliability and long-term durability make a glove like the Wilson A2K 1721 highly appealing and certainly worth its higher price tag.



Wilson A2K 1721
  • The Wilson A2K 1721 is a third basemen’s glove with an excellent length and pocket depth, an ultra clean colorway, and mixes a group of high quality materials together to make an overall awesome glove for the hot corner.
  • However, the Wilson A2K 1721’s price tag is rather steep ($359.99), yet it totally worth the investment if you both like what the 1721 offers and are willing to spend this amount of money on a top-notch glove.

Other Notes: A prior version of this post stated that the 1721 pattern is a replica of the DW5 pattern, but has since been corrected with a more accurate representation of the 1721 pattern.

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  1. Kevin August 17, 2017

    This is incorrect. The pattern is different from the DW5. The 1721 has a shorter web and is shallower compared to the DW5. On the custom builder they are both still available as unique patterns. You post a good amount of info on here that is incorrect or spoken without direct experience of having owned or used certain gloves.

  2. Will August 18, 2017

    He updated it. It was incorrect, like much of the info on this site, when it was posted yesterday.

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