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Wilson A2000 SP125: Orange Tan with a Slowpitch Specific Pattern

Meet the first Wilson glove built specifically to be used in a slowpitch softball game, the Wilson A2000 SP125. This Orange tan glove is not only beautiful, but is one of the best patterns for either an infield or outfield slowpitch player, or both at the same time. Check it out:

Wilson A2000 SP125

The pattern of the Wilson A2000 SP125 is a new pattern crafted with some key slowpitch features. For example, this model comes with a wider base and a wide H-web that first debuted on the Wilson A2000 TF21 for full closure around a softball, an important feature for any position on the diamond. While it is not Pedroia Fit, the SP125 comes with slightly tighter finger stalls for a snugger fit. With a natural thumb-to-pinky close, this pattern is perfect for a slowpitch player that plays any position. This picture should give you a good idea of the pocket:

Wilson A2000 SP125

Overall, factoring in the pattern, durability, and sweet colorway, the Wilson A2000 SP125 is a really awesome glove for a softball player. And, as far as we know, it is the only glove specifically designed for a softball player, and it’s designed by the biggest slowpitch marketplace on the web – Softball Fans. When they were available, the SP125 was a hot seller. Now, they are unavailable.

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