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Wilson A2000 PF88

The Wilson A2000 PF88 is back for its second iteration in the 2020 Wilson Glove Line. It’s an improved spinoff of the A2000 1788 that is currently being phased out of the Wilson lineup.

That said, the PF88 is an 11.25″, I-webbed mitt with an extremely shallow pocket. It’s one of the best gloves for players that like smaller mitts, especially given the below information.

The PF88 also comes with a snugger fit in both the wrists and finger stalls, making it a perfect mitt for players who like the tighter fit or have smaller hands. It’s also a great mitt for younger kids.

Pick up the 2020 Wilson A2000 PF88 for $260 here. You can also check out our guides to other 2020 Wilson models here.

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