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Wilson A2000 JA27: a Complete Guide & Review

The Wilson A2000 JA27 is only in its second year of existence, yet has already undergone a complete revamp that changed everything from the pattern to the colorway. This post details all the changes made to the JA27 from 2017 to 2018, including a complete individual breakdown of each and a head-to-head comparison that evaluates which one is best for you.


2018 Wilson A2000 JA27: A Complete Guide

Wilson A2000 JA27 (2018)
  • The 2018 Wilson A2000 JA27 is an exact replica of a glove designed by Jose Altuve in the later months of the 2016 regular season.
  • Compared to the 2017 model, the 2018 JA27 features a new pattern and colorway, all of which are discussed in the following paragraphs.

After a successful launch in 2016, the 1716T Pattern is back as the JA27

Wilson A2000 JA27 (2018)

If you think back to the release of the Wilson A2K 1716T in the August of 2016, you will recognize many of the features of the 2018 Wilson A2000 JA27. The reasoning for this is simple: What was formerly known as the 1716T pattern is now the JA27 pattern.

The first thing you will notice about the new JA27 pattern is its distinctive pro-laced T-web, which, in conjunction with the pattern's 11.5" length, creates​ a deeper pocket that will close around the ball easily after only a few rounds of catch.

Our Take on the 2018 JA27 Pattern

While we are fascinated by the new JA27 pattern's uniqueness, the JA27's deeper pocket design is contrary to what is necessary for the middle infield. 

That said, if you favor deeper pockets at short or second (and I have indeed seen many players like this), the JA27 is the best option we have uncovered that fits what you like. ​


After Renouncing Navy for the Longest Time, the 2018 Ja27 has a Navy Blue Base

In his 2016 Wilson Glove Day video, Jose Altuve stated that he is simply not a fan of navy blue gloves. However, his Game Model for 2017 prominently features this once-hated color, as the main color of the 2018 Wilson A2000 is in fact navy blue. 

The entire base - back, palm, and web - of the 2018 JA27 is navy blue while many of the glove's secondary features - lacing, welting, and binding - are orange. In addition, the JA27's orange and white logos perfectly match the rest of the mitt. 

Our Take on the 2018 Ja27's Colorway

The goal of this design was to match the Houston Astros' team colors, and I think Altuve accomplished his goal while creating an overall awesome look.

However, I have one qualm with this colorway: Wilson's navy blue fades notoriously fast without proper care.​



Wilson A2000 JA27 (2018)

If you are looking for a high quality mitt with a deeper middle infield pattern, flashier colorway, and reasonable price tag, my best recommendation would be to buy the 2018 Wilson A2000 JA27. 


2017 Wilson A2000 JA27: A Complete Guide

Wilson A2000 JA27: the Jose Altuve Glove Model

The 2017 Wilson A2000 JA27 was the first edition of the Jose Altuve Game Model, replicating a model created by Altuve during the 2015-2016 Offseason. All of its features are fairly straightforward, and are discussed at length in the following paragraphs. 


2017 JA27 Pattern = 1786 Pattern

Wilson A2000 JA27 (2017)

Jose Altuve's favorite pattern before the 2016 Season had been the 1786 Pattern, so it is no surprise that his own game model is an exact replica of the highly-praised pattern. 

Because of this fact, the 2017 JA27 pattern measures at true 11.5" inches and features one of the shallower pockets on the market for optimal glove-to-hand transitions. 

Our Take on the 2017 JA27 Pattern

The 1786 pattern has always been my favorite middle infield pattern, and its ranks #1 on both my Best Shortstop and Best Second Base glove lists. Put simply, its features are amazing for either spot up the middle.


Contrary to the 2018 JA27, the 2017 Model features a Clean Colorway

Wilson A2000 JA27: the Jose Altuve Glove Model

Source: eBay

Contrary to the flashier navy blue and orange colorway of the 2018 JA27 model, the 2017 Wilson A2000 JA27 features a far more conservative colorway: a conglomeration of black, blonde, and orange ta.

Our Take on the 2017 JA27's Colorway

The goal was, again, to create a design that matches the Houston Astros' team colors, and Altuve hit the nail on the head with this extremely clean colorway.



Wilson A2000 JA27: the Jose Altuve Glove Model

Since the 2017 Wilson A2000 JA27 is a more straightforward model than the 2018 model, it would work for any middle infielder looking for a shallow pocket and clean colorway.


Similarities/Differences between the Two JA27 Models

Wilson A2000 JA27 (20182017)


  • Both Wilson A2000 JA27 models are made with Wilson's high-quality A2000 materials, all of which are centered around the durable and firm Pro Stock American Steerhide leather.
  • Both models measure at 11.5 inches, a perfect length for the middle infield, and both are claimed to be designed by Jose Altuve himself.


  • Despite the fact that both models measure 11.5", the two patterns could not be more different: the 2018 JA27 is a deeper and rounder model, while the 2017 JA27 is a shallower and flatter pattern.
  • The most obvious difference between the two JA27 models is the dissimilarities between the two colorways. The 2017 JA27 is a black, orange tan, and blonde glove, while the 2018 JA27 is a navy blue and orange mitt. 

Which JA27 should I Buy?

Why You Should Buy the 2018 Wilson A2000 JA27

Wilson A2000 JA27 (2018)

If you are looking for a deeper and flashier middle infield model, there is no better option than the 2018 Wilson A2000 JA27.

Why You Should Buy the 2017 Wilson A2000 JA27

Wilson A2000 JA27: the Jose Altuve Glove Model

If you want a straightforward 11.5" model with a simple colorway and shallow pocket, the 2017 Wilson A2000 JA27 is the perfect model for you. 

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  1. Mason Frost May 26, 2017

    Great review. Really needed to know if it was a 1786 and if it was black, not navy.

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