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Wilson A2000 JA27

The Wilson A2000 JA27 is back for the 2020 Glove Line in a reorganized navy blue snakeskin, blonde, and orange colorway. It is the Jose Altuve Game Model and the mitt he actually games.

The JA27 is an 11.5″ middle infield glove with a Chevron Cross Web and rounded, medium depth pocket. It is an odd, albeit solid, pattern for the middle infield.

You can get the 2020 Wilson A2000 JA27 for $260 here. You can also get the outgoing navy blue and orange 2019 JA27 for $230, with the only differences coming in the colorway.

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  1. Mason Frost May 26, 2017

    Great review. Really needed to know if it was a 1786 and if it was black, not navy.

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