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Wilson A2000 HR13

Today we are going to talk about a glove that is erroneously termed the ‘Hanley Ramirez Glove Model,’ because Ramirez never used the glove. However, the Wilson A2000 HR13 looks like something Ramirez would have designed, as it is a fire black, navy, and red design that matches the Red Sox’ colors:

Wilson A2000 HR13

The HR13 is simply the famous 1799 model by a different name. Therefore, this HR13 is a 12.75″ outfield model with an H-web. It has that famous deep pocket that the 1799 is known for, has a good length that allows you to reach any ball in the outfield, and has a firm pocket because of the H-web. If you are an outfielder, this is the top notch pattern for the outgrass.

Wilson A2000 HR13

This model also has the synthetic material called ‘Super Skin,’ a polymer crafted from basketball leather. On the Wilson A2000 HR13, Wilson claims that the SS makes the glove both lighter and stronger. We can confirm this claim, as there is a slight weight difference between a regular 1799 and this Super Skin HR13. Also, Super Skin has a odd, but cool, feel to it that I like.

Wilson A2000 HR13

The quality of an A2000 goes without saying. It’s simply awesome. Therefore, the Wilson A2000 HR13 is a glove for an elite outfielder that is willing to spend some money to get a high quality glove. With a $50 discount, it makes it a bit easier to afford the HR13 and sweetens an already-great deal. Shop the HR13 at this price at the link below.

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