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Wilson A2000 DP15SS

  • The 2018 Wilson A2000 DP15SS was released on August 1st, the same day as the entire 2018 Wilson Glove Line was launched.
  • It is the Dustin Pedroia Game Model, including the fact that Pedroia does indeed use the same glove in the above picture. 
  • However, the 2018 DP15SS is much unlike past Pedroia models, as it is a bigger glove with a new web style and backing material.
  • Here is what you must know about pertinent aspects of the 2018 Wilson A2000 DP15SS:

What You Must Know about the New DP15 Pattern

2018 Wilson A2000 DP15
  • After years of the same DP15 pattern, the Dustin Pedroia Game Model has a new design for the 2018 Wilson Glove Line.
  • Instead of its former replication from the 1786 pattern, the new DP15 is modeled after the Evan Longoria pattern, the EL3.
  • The EL3's 11.75 inch length and cross web are carried over to the new DP15 pattern, but there is one difference:
  • The new DP15 pattern comes with an extended pinky panel to specifically help with two-in-the-pinky grip.
  • The DP15's pocket depth is on the deeper end of the spectrum: its deep and round pocket will close around the ball in short time. 
  • Like prior DP15 patterns, the new DP15 pattern will have a few proprietary features:
    • Pedroia Fit: A tighter wrist and hand stall setting.
    • Lower Profile Heel: Reduces bounce off the heel. 

Our Take on the New DP15 Pattern

  • The new DP15 pattern alienates much of its former audience, including us, as it diverges from its middle infield roots in favor of a longer length and deeper pocket design.
  • Nevertheless, I do like its tighter hand and wrist setting, which works perfectly for players with smaller hands, like myself.
  • However, you may find the new DP15's extra length and deeper pocket helpful at either middle infield spot, if not even at the hot corner. 

A Look at the Colorway of the 2018 DP15SS

Dustin Pedroia's Glove for 2017: Wilson A2000 EL3/DP15
  • The colorway of the 2018 Wilson A2000 DP15SS features a saddle tan base, red Super Skin back (more on this later), and yellow gold welting, binding, and lacing. 
  • This colorway is an exact replication of Dustin Pedroia's current game glove, which was designed by Pedroia before the 2016-2017 Offseason.

Our Take on the 2018 DP15SS' Colorway

  • Just as was the case with the new DP15 pattern, I am not a fan of the 2018 Wilson A2000 DP15SS' colorway.
  • Although this look is certainly unique, I am simply not a fan of the ketchup and mustard feel of this mitt.
  • However, it seems like a group of ballplayers do indeed like this distinct design, so I do suggest forming your own opinion on this certain topic. 

Super Skin: What is it and What are its Benefits?

2018 Wilson A2000 DP15
  • The back of the 2018 Wilson A2000 DP15SS features Super Skin, a synthetic material created by Wilson in the early 2000's.
  • Its claim to fame is its weight-saving trait, as Super Skin is engineered in a way to weigh about 50% less than the average leather and make the entire mitt slightly lighter than it all-leather counterparts.  
  • In addition, Super Skin is known to also claimed to be about 2x stronger than your average leather (even Wilson's Pro Stock leather), which in turn produces an overall stronger mitt.
  • Why it matters: Players are constantly searching for a lighter-feeling glove, and the 2018 DP15SS employs one such material that allows this particular mitt to weigh anywhere from 10-20% less than an average all-leather Wilson A2000. 

Our Take on Super Skin

  • I love pretty much everything about Super Skin: whether it is its weight-shedding nature or its unique feel. It is simply a great feature to have on any glove.

An Overview of All the DP15s' Materials

2018 Wilson A2000 DP15
  • Because all the DP15 mitts featured in this article are A2000 models, you can expect high quality materials and excellent durability.
  • For example, the A2000's Pro Stock leather, and American Steerhide, is a top-notch leather known for it firmness and long-term durability. In addition, it is not overly stiff and is fairly easy to form and break-in. 
  • The lining material on each model is plush and overall very comfortable to have your hand in all day. Similarly, Wilson's Dri-Lex is nice and keeps your hand cool, even on hot summer days. 
  • Why it matters: You should not be getting chump-change quality for $249.99, and each A2000 model delivers anything but.

Our Take on the A2000s' Materials

  • Whether it is the leather quality, lace quality, or liner quality, the A2000s' materials deliver great value and top-notch durability. 
  • The Wilson A2000 DP15SS' materials are perfect for its price tag and will certainly last a few years or hard use.


2018 Wilson A2000 DP15
  • Quick Recap: The 2018 Wilson A2000 DP15SS is an 11.75" mitt with a cross web and deeper pocket design. In addition, it features a bold colorway, Super Skin, and a slew of high quality materials.
  • If you want a deeper middle infield glove (or a 3B mitt with tighter hand stalls), like this certain look, and are willing to shell out $259.99 for a top-notch mitt, the 2018 Wilson A2000 DP15SS is a great option for you. 

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