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2020 Wilson A2000 DP15SS

2020 Wilson A2000 DP15SS

The Wilson A2000 DP15SS is back for the 2020 Wilson Glove Line and again figures to be a popular glove for middle infielders of all ages. This year the DP15SS comes in a black and brick red colorway.

The DP15 pattern is an 11.5″ pattern with an I-web and shallow pocket, perfect for shortstop or second base. This glove also comes with a snugger hand stall, perfect for players with smaller hands or even younger players looking for a higher quality glove.

Also, the 2020 DP15SS comes with a Superskin back, giving the glove a lightweight yet still durable feel. All of these points together create a super durable glove, which you can get for $260 here.

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