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Wilson A2000 DP15

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The 2018 Wilson A2000 DP15 - New P


What You must know about the New DP15 Pattern

2018 Wilson A2000 DP15
  • After years of the same DP15 pattern, the Dustin Pedroia Game Model has a new design for the 2018 Wilson Glove Line.
  • Instead of its former replication from the 1786 pattern, the new DP15 is modeled after the Evan Longoria pattern, the EL3.
  • Therefore, the new DP15 pattern measures at 11.75" inches (compared to its prior 11.5" length) and features a cross web (instead of an I-web).
  • In addition, the 2018 Wilson A2000 DP15 features a deeper and wider pocket design that will eventually be able to close around the ball.
  • Of course, this new pattern will have the set of DP15-specific features, most notably Pedroia Fit, a tighter wrist and finger stall setting, and a lower profile heel. 

Our Take on the New DP15 Pattern

  • The new DP15 pattern alienates much of its former audience, including us, as it diverges from its middle infield roots in favor of a longer length and deeper pocket design.
  • However, I do like its tighter hand and wrist setting, which works perfectly for players with smaller hands, like myself.  

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