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Wilson A2000 DP15

Wilson A2000 DP15

The uber-popular Wilson A2000 DP15 is back for the 2020 Wilson Glove Line in a new blonde and red colorway, and is slated to again be one of the top middle infield gloves for the 2020 season.

The DP15 is an 11.5″ glove with an I-web and shallow pocket, the perfect combination for second base or short. The pattern is also perfectly shaped to make both quick transfers and secure catches.

The DP15 also comes with a tighter wrist setting and tighter finger stalls, giving a snugger fit that is perfect for players with smaller hands or players who just like a tighter fit.

If you’re a middle infielder and like the snugger fit of the 2020 Wilson A2000 DP15, you can pick it up for $259.99 here. You can also check out our guide to other 2020 Wilson gloves here.

You can also pick up the outgoing Wilson A2000 DP15 for $230. It’s an orange tan and black model and comes with the same pattern as the highlighted model above. Get it here for $30 off.

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