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Wilson A2000 86SP

I think we can all agree that Wilson doesn’t make enough single post models or use orange tan on enough gloves. Craig from Jonquil Sporting Goods used his influence as a top Wilson dealer to craft the Wilson A2000 86SP:

Wilson A2000 86SP

Most of us who have tried the 1786 pattern will say that we love it. However, the only I-web design was getting old, so Craig from Jonquil decided to spice the 1786 pattern up by throwing his favorite web, the single post, on the 1786 and see if it worked. It did, and actually very well, as you get the same features of the 1786 pattern with an I-web but with the shallow pocket and flexibility of the single post web.

Wilson A2000 86SP

Most of you reading this article probably wanted Wilson to use orange tan more, and that’s exactly what we got with the Wilson A2000 86SP. Orange tan leather with black binding, lacing, and web. This colorway is just amazing new, and the very few I have seen slightly used look great as well.

Wilson A2000 86SP

Although this glove was only available at one place, everyone flocked there to buy theirs before there were none left. Although it was very popular and one of the nicest looking gloves I have ever seen, we won’t see the Wilson A2000 86SP again.

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