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Wilson A2000 1788SS

The glove that was originally designed by Darwin Barney in 2014 has become a middle infield top seller in 2016 due to multiple factors (that we will discuss). The Wilson A2000 1788SS, a saddle tan and black infield model, is not only one of the highest quality gloves on the market, but one of the nicest looking, also. Take a look at this gorgeous glove:

Wilson A2000 1788SS

Included in the colorway is that odd-looking material on the back of the glove, called Super Skin. Not only does it contribute to the beauty of this glove, it has a specific function to make the Wilson A2000 1788SS great. Put simply, Super Skin is a synthetic material (Aso calls it basketball leather, well, because it is made out of basketball leather) that is half the weight of leather but is two times stronger. We can support this claim with our own use of the SS on this model and others, as there is a slight weight difference between an all-leather glove and a Super Skin glove.

Wilson A2000 1788SS

The 1788SS is an 11.25″ with an I-web, and best fit at second base. The small size of the Wilson A2000 1788SS combined with the shallow pocket of the I-web make quick transfers easier than ever, because second basemen need to be able to turn two as fast as possible. Although we would not recommend this model at short, if you like smaller gloves, this 1788SS may be a good fit for you at shortstop.

Wilson A2000 1788SS

Putting the pieces together, the Wilson A2000 1788SS is a high quality, durable, and good-looking glove for a second basemen or maybe a shortstop. And, because it has been replaced with the 2017 Wilson A2000 1788SS, it has a sizable discount ($30; better than nothing, right?) to sweeten the deal. It’s available at the link below.

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