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Wilson A2000 1787 (2018)


Wilson A2000 1787 (2018)

Wilson A2000 1787 – Dansby Swanson Game Model

When Wilson first released pictures of Dansby Swanson newly-designed-for-2017 Wilson A2000 1787, I was not the only one who began to pray that we would be fortunate enough to be able to purchase this glove. Now, Wilson has finally made it available.

This post serves as a guide to the recently released limited edition Wilson A2000 1787, including a discussion of the pattern, colorway, and other pertinent information about this glove.

Wilson A2000 1787 - Dansby Swanson Game Model

Pattern (1787) Overview

Unlike the other limited edition glove we featured in a separate article, the Wilson A2000 1785 (Carlos Correa model), the pattern on this Dansby Swanson-designed glove is nothing special – it is your typical 1787 model.

That said, you will get an 11.75” pattern with an I-web on this Wilson A2000 1787, including a medium pocket depth and more-than-sufficient length for either shortstop or third base.

Wilson A2000 1787 - Dansby Swanson Game Model

The Colorway is one of the Cleanest Yet

Due to its beautiful nature, the colorway on this limited edition Wilson A2000 1787 is easily the best part of this overall-awesome glove.

With a chocolatey dark brown base, this glove takes a simple base an infuses some Atlanta Braves’ colors into different parts of the glove – like the welting/binding (navy blue), the lacing (navy blue), and the logos (red/navy blue).

I have to say that this is simply one of the cleanest gloves on the market, due to the fact that dark brown is one of the best-looking (and far underrated and underused) colors Wilson offers and the navy and red just perfectly blend with the brown on this glove.

Dansby Swanson's Glove: Custom Wilson A2000 1787

It is technically Dansby Swanson’s glove, but he has not used it yet

As we noted earlier in this article, Dansby Swanson, one of the best young shortstops in the game, designed the glove in the pictures you see above.

Technically speaking, he did in fact design the glove so he could use it during this season, but I have not seen him touch it all either in practice or in a game.

Instead, Swanson is still using the gorgeous blonde Wilson A2K 1787 that he designed and used last year, despite the accumulation of a ton of dirt on the once-clean leather.

However, that did not stop Wilson from releases his dark brown, navy blue, and red model, offering you another opportunity to get the glove of a player rising the board of best glove designers.

Wilson A2000 1787 - Dansby Swanson Game Model


Overall, the Wilson A2000 1787 Dansby Swanson models is one of the top choices for a shortstop or third basemen due to its combination of an excellent pattern and dope colorway.

However, there is one downside of this simply amazing glove: it is a limited edition glove, meaning that as soon as all the quantities are scooped up off Wilson’s website, there are zero left to purchase.

Therefore, I recommend getting one quickly before other Glovers scoop up your slice of the number of Swanson-designed 1787’s made.

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