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Wilson A2000 1786 (2017)

This post serves as a guide to the Wilson A2000 1786, including a discussion on its #1 ranking pattern, distinct colorway, and other pertinent information you should know about the glove before buying.

2017 Wilson A2000 1786

The Pattern is perhaps the best for the Middle Infield

Not only does the Wilson 1786 pattern rank first on BGO’s “Best Shortstop Gloves” and “Best Second Base Gloves” lists, it is the most popular pattern among MLB middle infielders.

The high number of users in the pro ranks and the high acclaim from us at BallGloves Online are due to the same exact reason: the 1786 pattern is simply perfect for the middle infield.

With an 11.5” length and shallow pocket, there are few gloves better than the Wilson A2000 1786 for fielding a routine ground ball or turning two at either middle infield position.

Wilson A2000 1786 (2017)

The Colorway is interesting… but sweet nonetheless

While the extremely flashy gloves like the Wilson A2K DATDUDE are the exception, it is hard to find a glove that combines four classier colors onto one design.

Nonetheless, the Wilson A2000 1786 has a four color design, with saddle tan on the back of the glove, blonde on the web and palm, orange tan lacing, and white on the welting and binding.

While there are few gloves that look nicer when new, the lighter colors on the Wilson A2000 1786 hold up surprisingly well against dirt. Even the white and blonde, two colors known to be magnets of dirt, look sweet with some use.

Therefore, not only do you get a glove that is highly unique (with four colors on one design), but one that looks gorgeous out of the box or brand new.

Wilson A2000 1786 (2017)

The Materials are super nice – even for an A2000

For its over 50-year existence, the Wilson A2000 series has been a hallmark glove line for high quality and durability.

And just like every other A2000 that came before and every A2000 that will come after it, the Wilson A2000 1786 carries on this tradition of excellent materials.

The high quality and durability stems from the Pro Stock leather – a thick steerhide leather known for its firmness – that is one of the best leathers a baseball glove can feature.

Add in the Wilson A2000 1786’s other important materials, like the padding/inserts and lacing, and you get a glove that will stand up to heavy use for at least a few seasons (if not more).

Do not forget that the 1786 also is one of the more comfortable gloves in the industry, with a soft liner and plush finger back linings that will make you want to keep your hand in the glove forever.

Overall, the mixture of a top-tier leathers and very good secondary materials make the Wilson A2000 1786 a high quality glove option, and the liner is just as added bonus to an already dope glove.

Wilson A2000 1786 (2017)


With a combination of durable materials, a unique colorway, and a perfect pattern for the middle infield, there are few gloves that are better for shortstop or second base than the Wilson A2000 1786.

Its $250 price tag may be a bit daunting to some, but all of the aforementioned features make this investment 100% worth the money.

If you are a middle infielder looking for a serious glove to take to the field each day, I would recommend the Wilson A2000 1786 over any other model.

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  1. Benjamin Chin September 8, 2017

    Wait so can you tell me more about the leather on each A2K and a2000? I’ve been look,in for a glove with nice soft thick leather. What do think of the leathe Ron the heart of the hide and pro preferred?

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