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Wilson A2000 1786: The Complete Guide

If you took an informal inventory of your teammates’ gloves, you’ll certainly see at least one them have a Wilson 1786 in some manner, whether it’s an A2K, A2000, or even in an A1K/A1000.

The 1786 is by far Wilson’s most popular pattern among middle infielders, and there’s a easy explanation for this: it’s simply the best middle infield pattern on the glove marker.

Why the 1786 is the BEST Pattern for Shortstops and Second Basemen

Wilson A2000 1786

A lot of our ideas have evolved as we’ve tried more and more baseball gloves, but there’s one idea in which we’ve been consistent: that the 1786 is the best pattern for the middle infield.

We ranked a 1786 as number one on our “Best Shortstop Gloves” and “Best Second Base Gloves” lists and we’ve noted that the 1786 is the best pattern for the middle infield in many other posts.

Why is this?

First and foremost, the pattern’s construction can be best described as symmetric. While other patterns have their odd forms, the symmetric nature makes closing this glove feel awesome in any way you grip it.

Second, It’s 11.5″ length is the sweetspot for shortstops and second base. It’s not too long and not too short, instead giving you the perfect balance between controlling it and making great plays.

Third, the shallow pocket on the 1786 is perfect for quick transfers in the middle infield. This goes hand-in-hand with the symmetrical construction, as you’ll have a shallow pocket that closes oh-so-nicely.

The 1786 Models

As of writing this there are five (5) Wilson A2000 1786 models, giving you plenty of options before you splurge on the best middle infield glove on the market. Here are the models:

Wilson A2000 1786You’ve definitely seen plenty of these blonde beauties at your games, as it’s Wilson’s best selling glove ever. It’s simply too hard to pass up on a beautiful-looking glove that’s also the perfect middle infield mitt.

And as of this writing, this glove is 30% off, dropping the price from $249.95 to 174.97. It’s the perfect time to scoop this up to break-in over the winter.

$249.95 $174.97

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2017 Wilson A2000 1786

With a saddle tan, blonde, and white look, this 1786 is both a great-looking and performing mitt. And it’s 30% off right now, costing $181.97 when it usually retails for $259.95.

$259.95 $181.97

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2018 Wilson A2000 1786

Simply another beautiful 1786 model from Wilson, but this time with a black base and blonde accenting. And while this model isn’t on sale, it’s still an awesome mitt for either short or second. 


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2019 Wilson A2000 1786

Dark brown makes an appearance on the latest (2019) Wilson A2000 1786 model, mixing with blonde and white to make an overall dope looking middle infield mitt. 

And while the other 1786 models on this list are certainly awesome models, none have Wilson’s latest and greatest materials and construction. Word is the 2019 models are simple amazing.


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