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Wilson A2000 1786 | Review and Specs

Wilson A2000 1786

After using the Wilson A2000 1786 and gathering opinions from other players that have used this glove, we bring you a write-up on the Wilson A2000 1786.

General Opinion

From our own use of the glove and from the information we have gathered from other players, the overwhelming majority (including us) like the Wilson A2000 1786. Many of the players we have spoken to have gamed this glove over their other options, speaking volumes to how nice this glove really is.

Wilson A2000 1786

Construction, Feel, and Durability

The most helpful piece of information we gathered dealt with how nice the Wilson A2000 1786 felt. We felt that the glove is great on the hand, and many said this without prompt. Wilson designs their glove with curved fingers to give an optimal fit, and they succeeded.

From the glove we tried out, we noticed zero flaws on the glove. Overall, the glove felt very sturdy, just like a glove for this price range should feel. The leather construction is flawless: tight grained, stiff out of the box, and sturdy. Overall, the glove is constructed perfectly.

After some use, we saw what makes Wilson’s Pro Stock leather is famous for – its great feel out of the box and long lasting durability. When we first saw the glove new, it came stiff, just like we like it. Not too stiff, but enough to be able to form the glove how you like it. But, the lacing does not feel superb like we hope, but it gets the job done.

After some use, the leather held up very well without any cracking, and looked good with a bit of dirt on it. The lacing, albeit not the best lace we have encountered, stayed strong and did not flex much. The inserts and padding maintained the form we put on the glove.

Wilson A2000 1786

Thoughts on the 1786 Pattern

Our main objective with the 1786 pattern was to figure out if it is perfect for the middle infield pattern or not. Our case studies on the best shortstop’s gloves and second base gloves say yes, but we wanted to go beyond the raw data that we collected. To prove this, we fielded groundballs, played some catch, and asked other Wilson A2000 1786 about their thoughts on the pattern.

What we uncovered is a shallow pocket, a medium width, and an ability to put either a flare or roll on the glove. Middle infielders need a shallow pocket for quick transfers, but I saw the ability to form a deeper pocket. I saw a lot of the players we asked had put a flare on the glove to get maximum width, but some put a “roll” form on the glove, and the form did not look funky at all.

As for the 11.5″ length, we found a consistency in sizing – all played a true 11.5″. From our experience, we believe 11.5″ gives you enough range while giving you a shallow enough pocket for the middle infield.

The I-web, or an H-web by Wilson’s terms, helps make the shallow pocket we have talked about. The I-web is a firmer web as compared to say, a single post web. This means that when the ball hits the web, there will be minimal flex, so you can find the ball in your pocket as quickly as possible.

Wilson A2000 1786

Source: OC Sports Equipment

Thoughts on the Looks

The first thing that attracted most of the players we surveyed to the Wilson A2000 1786 was actually the looks. As you can see in the above picture, the blonde leather shines and is a gorgeous color. The black lacing and red are sharp, and make this design one of the best on the market.

The Wilson A2000 1786 gets a seal of recommendation from us, bunch of other players, and the pros, too.

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