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The Essential Guide to the Wilson A1K: 6 Reasons Why It’s Better than It’s Competition

Thinking about buying a Wilson A1K? Here are 6 reasons you should buy one- and why an A1K is better than any of its competition. In almost every way, the Wilson A1K is the best youth glove on the market. However, it can be a great alternative as well at the $200 price point for older players as well.

The rumors of the A1K you might have or might have not heard about the A1K are about to be debunked. You are going to get statements from a user of two A1Ks.

Wilson A1K DP15- Red

The A1K DP15 Red Model: 11.5″. Available here.

1. The Leather is Durable, Smooth, and Better than What You Would Think

At the $200 price of the A1K, you do not expect A2000 quality leather. You do not get it, but you get pretty darn good leather and leather better than anything in its price range.

The leather is stiff when you get it, almost as stiff as an A2000. I could barely squeeze my A1Ks when I got them. However, it does not take a long time to break an A1K in. That is perfect, a glove that lets you form it how YOU want (instead of having a form out of the box), but a glove that will not take forever to break-in.

I could still use my A1Ks today, but I retired one but still using one in games. The quality of the leather speaks for itself: after everyday use for over a year, my A1Ks sit up without flopping. The leather is not wrinkly (like you have come to expect out of its competitors) and still is smooth.

When you looks at its competitors at its price range, the A1K easily has the best leather. Whereas you get wrinkly, floppy, and not that good of leather from other gloves in this price range, the A1K has smooth, durable, and pretty good leather. The A1K blows its competition out of the water in the leather category.

Wilson A1K B2

The A1K B2 model: 11.75″. Available here.

2. Patterns- Exactly like the Higher Quality Models, Not Some made up Pattern Made Specifically for this Line

With the A1K, you get the same patterns that are used on the higher-quality models (A2K, A2000), not some made up model number that is specifically made for this line. Whereas other companies makes new patterns for the A1Ks’ competitors, the A1K has the same patterns that are used on the A2K and A2000.

No knock on other companies, but the patterns used on the A1K are much, much better than the patterns used on its competitors. They are just better, they play truer to size, feel more natural on the hand, and have better pockets.

Some of the patterns on the A1K are the 1788 (11.25″), a favorite pattern of middle infielders, the DP15 (11.5″), the Dustin Pedroia pattern, the B2 (11.75″), a pitcher’s favorite, the OF1225 (12.25″), a smaller KP92, and, lastly, the CM33 (33″), a catcher’s pattern. All of these (save the OF1225) are at least A2000 models, and some are even A2K models.

Wilson A1K DP15

The A1K DP15 model: 11.5″. Available here.

3. Pedroia Fit is Amazing for Any Player

Wilson says the intended audience of the A1K is anywhere from ages 10-14, so they made the hand stalls to the according size. I am a huge fan of Pedroia Fit because it fits my hand perfectly. Although it is only available on a few A2000 and A2K models, Pedroia Fit comes on all A1K models.

Pedroia Fit is a tighter finger and hand stall setting. Modeled after Dustin Pedroia, it is laced tighter on the wrist and has hand stalls that are tighter and lower down on the fingers. It is an amazing fit in my opinion, and I think you or your child will love it if you have smaller hands.

In comparison to its segment, there are no options really like it. Most Competitors do not have anything like it at this price point, so the A1K is the best options if you are looking for a perfect fit for a player with smaller hands. I will even say you probably will love this fit if you have a little bit bigger hands, but I will guarantee you will absolutely love it if you have smaller hands.

Wilson A1K OF1225/KP92

The A1K OF1225 model: 12.25″. Available here.

4. The A1K is a Very Controllable Glove- Perfect for Someone Who does not have a Huge Hand

Youth players cannot control heavy gloves. I have seen many time where younger players just look like they are lugging a glove by their side without much control. The A1K is very lightweight for its class, and is one of the lightest gloves I have felt.

For a younger player, this is gold. I would even say that a comparably sized A1K is lighter than an A2000 Super Skin. Wilson engineers it this way- lighter yet strong materials that are constructed in a way to minimize weight and keep the glove lightweight.

Wilson A1K 1788

The A1K 1788 model: 11.25″. Available here.

5. Construction- Wilson makes These A1Ks very well

Construction is a big part of how one views a glove. Is these missing stitching? Maybe crooked welting? Wilson does a fabulous job making A1Ks, as the construction is fantastic. The stitching on both of my models was great, and the welting is very straight. There were no creases when I got the glove. Overall, A1Ks have very good construction.

A1Ks are constructed with pretty flexible padding and inserts. Although the inserts are flexible, they can still hold any shape you put on them. I put on a flare on both of my A1Ks, and I am not constantly trying to get the inserts to stay. The padding is flexible as well, but it is purposely thin. You will be able to feel the ball more than before (but not too much so that your palm is sore every time you catch the ball) and flexible for an easy break-in.

Wilson A1K DP15 Blue

The A1K DP15 Blue Model: 11.5″. Available here.

6. Value- Well Worth the Money

For $200, the A1K is a great value. For $200, you get a high-quality glove made with durable leather, lace that is great for the price. You get strong but flexible padding and inserts, and a well constructed glove. Not too bad.

Although this glove is on the pricier range for a younger player, I think it is a great option for the money. It will be one of the best gloves a youth player can have.

Wilson A1K CM33

The A1K CM33 model: 33″. Available here.


Our over 1000 word summary to why the A1K is better than its competition and worth buying can be summarized in an infographic:

6 Reasons to Buy the Wilson A1K and Why It's Better than Its Competition

Shop all Wilson A1Ks here.

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  1. Paul Richards December 14, 2016

    You are right. The new a1ks feel a lot better than the older ones. Note sure why but these new a1ks feel really comfortable as well.

  2. Gavin E. West December 16, 2016

    Best youth glove available right now

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