Wilson 2019 Glove Day A2K Gloves

The prospect of getting a new glove is an amazing feeling, and one that many experience when Wilson drops their new glove line every August.

And although that one release usually is all Wilson will give you in terms of new gloves each year, they recently released yet another set of new mitts.

Labeled as Wilson 2019 Glove Day A2K Gloves, Wilson claims these mitts were made for pro players and were simply leftovers from Spring Training.

This means that you get a glove made in Wilson’s Japanese factory that only makes their pro-issue gloves, and you get it for no more than a stock glove.

And without further ado, these are the models Wilson is offering in the “2019 Glove Day” A2K Mitts, including models you can’t get elsewhere.

A2K 1786

This is simply an 11.5″ 1786 model, a glove that’s perfect for all middle infielders. Shop Now.


The DW5 used to be a staple in the A2K line, but Wilson recently removed it when they trimmed down the A2K line.

So, if you want a 12″ third base mitt in Wilson’s best materials, this may be your only chance to get one in the next few years. Shop Now.


Just like the 1786, this is just your typical 1787, an 11.75″ glove that is perfect for any position on the infield sans first base. Shop Now.


The TF21 was a hit a few years ago in its Glove of the Month form, but only saw brief action in Wilson’s lineup.

If you’re looking for a 12.25″ glove to pick it at the hot corner, this A2K TF21 is certainly one of the best models on the market to do it. Shop Now.


While the stock A2K 1799 is one of our least favorite models in the 2019 line, this “2019 Glove Day” model is simply beautiful.

So, if you’d rather have this 12.75″ beauty to roam the outgrass than the Superskin stock model, get it before it’s gone. Shop Now.


Like the DW5, the Kirby Puckett KP92 model was a staple in Wilson’s lineup for decades before it was recently removed.

However, this 12.5″ Modified Trapeze outfield mitt is back as a “2019 Glove Day” model and ready to dominate the outfield again. Shop Now.

Other Models Available (Only in LHT)

  • 1799: Another 12.75″ Outfield Mitt with a blonde and walnut colorway. Shop Now.
  • 1799: An updated version of the above mitt in a walnut, black, and blonde colorway. Shop Now.
  • KP92: The lefty version of the aforementioned 12.5″ KP92 model. Shop Now.
  • 2800: A 12″ First Base Mitt available in two subtly different colorways. Shop Model 1. Shop Model 2.
  • D33: An 11.75″ pitcher’s model with a Modified Trapeze Web in an all-black colorway. Comes with a finger hood. Shop Now.
  • B212: The quintessential 12″ pitcher’s mitt with a two-piece web in an all-black colorway. Comes with a finger hood. Shop Now.
  • CJW: The 12″ CJ Wilson Game Model with a Modified Trapeze Web. Comes with a finger hood. Shop Now.
  • 1775: A 12.75″ Outfield Mitt with the unique E-web. Shop Now.


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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly sure all a2ks are made in Japan, including stocks.

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