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Top 5 Underrated Wilson A2000 Gloves

Surely, we have all heard of Wilson’s most popular A2000 patterns: the 1786, the D33, and the 1799. However, the sheer volume of patterns Wilson makes (over 40 gloves in the A2000 line) means that some models will slide under the radar, but are great gloves nonetheless. In this latest post we countdown the Top 5 Underrated Wilson A2000 Gloves:

5. Wilson A2000 OT6/Wilson A2000 OT6SS

Wilson A2000 OT6/Wilson A2000 OT6SS

Wilson A2000 OT6

Overview: The Wilson A2000 OT6/Wilson A2000 OT6SS models are a pair of 12.75” models with a trapeze web; they are also the sole trapeze-webbed models in Wilson’s entire lineup of gloves.

Why They’re Underrated: When one thinks about Wilson outfield gloves, they think 1799, and when one thinks trapeze web, Rawlings first comes to mind, not Wilson. This combination of the popularity of the 1799 and the Wilson trapeze anomaly lead to the large shadow hanging over the Wilson A2000 OT6 models.

Recommendation: Despite the fact that they are often forgotten, the Wilson A2000 OT6 models are very good choices for the outfield, as the length (12.75”) and long/deep pocket make flagging down anything in the outgrass easier.

Nevertheless, you should consider one thing you should consider before buying either of these models: the Trapeze web plays firmer in the pocket but looser on the fingertips, which is the exact opposite of the H-web gives you. If you find this particularly appealing to you, then we recommend the OT6 over the 1799.

One more thing regarding the OT6 model vs the OT6SS model: Super Skin. The Wilson A2000 OT6 does not have it, but the Wilson A2000 OT6SS model has it and reaps the benefits – lighter weight and better durability. That said, the OT6SS is for outfielders looking for a little bit of a lighter feel.

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4. Wilson A2000 1789

Wilson A2000 1789

Overview: The Wilson A2000 1789 is the only glove smaller than 12.5” that Wilson pairs with a modified trapeze web. Measuring in at 11.5”, the Wilson A2000 1789 is a first of a kind from Wilson in terms of the length-web combination.

Why It is Underrated: Ever since its release a few summers ago, the Wilson A2000 1789 has flown completely under the radar. Although the web/size combo is somewhat odd, the main reason for the 1789’s overshadowing is the utter dominance of the Wilson A2000 1786 in Wilson’s 11.5” field.

Recommendation: The Wilson A2000 1789 is actually a good model for either a pitcher or a middle infielder (or even both, how about that). With a shallow-to-medium depth pocket, you will be able to get the ball out of the pocket for quick transfers at second or short, and with the mod trap web, you will be able to hide your grip on the bump.

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3. Wilson A2000 B212SS

Wilson A2000 B212SS

Overview: If you have been following our site for some time, you will know that we have been gloating over the Wilson A2K B212. However, as many do not know, the A2K B212 has a younger brother – the Wilson A2000 B212SS. They both share the 12” length and grip-concealing two-piece web but differ slightly in material quality and price. Oh and there is one more added bonus to the A2000 version of the B212: Super Skin, a material that lightens your glove and adds to its durability.

Why It is Underrated: Most pitchers go for either the Wilson A2K B212 or the 11.75” Wilson A2000 CK22 when they go Wilson for pitching, leaving the Wilson A2000 B212SS behind covered by the shadow of the two aforementioned models.

Recommendation: The Wilson A2000 B212 is the perfect model for any pitcher as its length and web style fit the profile of what many consider the “best pitching model.” In addition, the Super Skin is great for any pitcher, as it will help cut down on reaction time on comebackers, a key factor between a ravaging concussion and snagging a line drive.

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2. Wilson A2000 G4SS

Wilson A2000 G4SS

Overview: The Wilson A2000 G4SS is an 11.5” model with a reinforced single post web. After seeing its cousin, the 11.75” Wilson A2000 G5SS, retire after years in the lineup, the G4SS is the only glove in Wilson’s lineup with that reinforced single post web. This model, also like the G5SS, has the Super Skin back to slightly lower the weight.

Why it is Underrated: Just like the 1789, this is another case of the dominance of the Wilson A2000 1786 in the 11.5” of Wilson. Man, that annoying (yet amazing) 1786 always overshadows awesome gloves like the Wilson A2000 G4SS.

Recommendation: The Wilson A2000 G4SS will be a great model for a middle infielder who wants the firmer pocket that the reinforced single post web forms as opposed to the looser I-web of the 1786. Everything else between the G4SS and the 1786 is seemingly the same, so it really comes down to the pocket and possibly the Super Skin (although there is a 1786 Super Skin model).

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1. Wilson A2000 PP05

Wilson A2000 PP05

Overview: A few years ago, Wilson tried a bold experiment – an 11.5” H-web glove. The resultant of the experiment was the glove you see above, the Wilson A2000 PP05, the only 11.5” model in Wilson’s lineup that features this web style.

Why is it Underrated: The reason the PP05 is underrated can be broken down into two things: the dominance of the 1786 (there it is again), and my own belief is that a large amount people have not completely opened up to the idea of an 11.5” H-web model. All the way from the Majors to your local field, the I-web dominates the 11.5” sector, perfectly showing why 11.5” H-web models from every company are still lagging behind their I-web counterparts.

Recommendation: I really think the idea of an 11.5” H-web glove is a good one – a solid length for the middle infield that will play a little deeper and wider than an I-web. Therefore, if you are searching for a deeper 11.5” model, look no further than the Wilson A2000 PP05.

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