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The Top 5 Glove Deals Right Now

1. Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO204-1GBWT ($200)

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO204-1GBWT

It’s not very often you see 11.5″ Heart of the Hide models on sale, so it’s certainly interesting to see this single post model available for $199.95 over at JustBallGloves. It’s a perfect model for middle infielders looking for a classic glove to man up the middle.

2. Wilson A2K 1786 ($300)

Although it’s not too uncommon to see the A2K 1786 discounted, getting the best shortstop and second base glove for $60+ is always a win. This one’s on sale on Amazon.

3. Wilson A2K MB50 ($300)

Another good deal on a really cool A2K model. This time it’s the Wilson A2K MB50, which is Mookie Betts’ model and one of the flashiest mitts you can don in the outfield.

Again, it’s not an outrageously good discount, but $60 off an A2K at this point in the year is a solid deal. And if the MB50 is a bit too flashy for you, the A2K 1799 is the same discounted price.

4. Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS314-2CB ($260)

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS314-2BC

Another good deal on an 11.5″ Rawlings mitt, but this time it’s an 11.5″, I-web Pro Preferred model. This one is only $260 at JustBallGloves, an absolute steal for one of the best middle infield gloves on the market.

5. Easton Legacy Elite 12″ ($190)

Easton Legacy Elite 12"

A little bit of a wildcard here, as the Legacy Elite isn’t well known on the market. I’ve heard good things about it, however, and a $60+ discount may be enticing enough to give this 12″ mitt a shot.

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