1. Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO6HF-1HT

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO6HF-1HT

This isn’t a glove on sale, but still qualifies as a glove deal. Why? It’s a super limited edition glove we haven’t seen in years, and now there are a solid amount of them thanks to Softball Fans.

This glove has Horween Tan leather and the rounded Fastback pattern that Cal Ripken used many years ago. If you’re a glove junkie, this is an awesome mitt for the collection.

2. Wilson A2K 1786 ($300)

Although it’s not too uncommon to see the A2K 1786 discounted, getting the best shortstop and second base glove for $60+ is always a win. This one’s on sale on Amazon.

3. Wilson A2K B2 ($230)

2018 Wilson A2K B212

Sure, this glove is from a few glove lines ago, but it’s still a great glove for the mound. 12″ length, two-piece web, and a classic colorway (and RHT). Plus, it’s only $230, a steal for an A2K model.

4. Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS314-2CB ($270)

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS314-2BC

Another good deal on an 11.5″ Rawlings mitt, but this time it’s an 11.5″, I-web Pro Preferred model. This one is only $260 at JustBallGloves, an absolute steal for one of the best middle infield gloves on the market.

5. Wilson A2K M1 ($280)

2018 Wilson A2K M1

A really solid deal on a top tier catcher’s mitt. The M1 is a 33.5″ mitt, so it’s pretty much perfect for any catcher looking for a high quality mitt without the super inflated price tag.