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Texas A & M Glove Day Ft. Their Easton Gloves

Another college got their gloves in, this time it is Texas A&M. They got their Easton gloves in, so we figured we’d show you the gloves from Texas A & M Glove Day. Just look at the sheer volume of gloves:
Texas A & M Glove Day
Even if you have never tried Easton gloves, you certainly would want to be there. It is basically glove heaven. There are at least 50 gloves there. Those Texas A & M players are some lucky kids. Let’s hope they put that many gloves to good use this season.
Texas A & M Glove Day
The blonde and dark tan gloves look absolutely amazing. These have to be the nicest Easton gloves I have ever seen, period. Easton did a phenomenal job designing these gloves to fit in with the team colors and to match the logo that they put on the thumb. Here’s one last look at the gloves from Texas A & M Glove Day:
Texas A & M Glove Day
Yes, this is a smaller sample, but you can still see how nice these gloves look. I’m about 99% sure these gloves are part of Easton’s new Mako legacy line, which is a replacement for their Mako limited line. So the quality on these is going to be great. Easton doesn’t make customs for the public yet, but you can shop their stock gloves here.

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