Starlin Castro’s Glove – Wilson A2000 1786SS

Flash back to 2013, specifically to June, when the Wilson Glove of the Month was released. The most popular GOTM every was modeled after Starlin Castro’s Glove, and if you fast forward to today, Castro still uses the same exact glove:

Starlin Castro’s Glove features one of the most stunning glove designs ever: saddle tan, blue, and black. New, these colors looks fantastic. The Super Skin blends in perfectly with the other colors. As you can see from the picture, the colors are a bit faded. That used look is just something special that only a few gloves can pull off.

Although the colors were originally made to match the Cubs’ colors, not the Yankees, Starlin Castro’s Glove is just one of those gloves that it doesn’t matter what team you play for, it’s going to look good.

Starlin Castro's Glove

Castro can’t let go of his old beauty, but I can’t blame him for choosing this sweet glove that probably fits his hand perfectly. We’ll see how many more years Starlin Castro’s Glove can handle everyday abuse.

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Starlin’s Castro Glove


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  1. William Broderick

    April 22, 2019 — 9:49 am

    What colors is it

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