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What Glove Does Russell Wilson Use?

Several weeks ago it was reported that Russell Wilson, star quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, was acquired by the New York Yankees in an odd offseason move.

He was acquired from the Texas Rangers, who still owned his rights as an MLB player several years after his last Spring Training appearance in 2015.

After Spring Training began a few days ago, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback reported to the Yankees’ camp fully geared and ready to play some baseball.

After using a silver and black Wilson A2K 1786 in 2014 and a stock A2K DP15 in 2015, Russell Wilson came to camp with a glove similar to those he used in the past.

What Glove is Russell Wilson Using?

Limited Edition Wilson A2K 1786 - Josh Harrison Edition

Russell Wilson’s Glove for the 2018 Spring Training is another Wilson A2K 1786, but in a black, white and yellow colorway. In addition, it has a lightweight Superskin back.

In fact, Russell Wilson’s Glove is the game model of Josh Harrison, the Pittsburgh Pirates’ second basemen, from last year, hence the Pirates-themed colorway.

It’s an 11.5″ glove with a shallow pocket, which is perfect for Wilson (the player) in the middle infield. Plus, it looks pretty good, even if it doesn’t match the Yankees’ colors. 

You can buy the same 1786 for $359.99 on Wilson’s website and own the same glove as one of the few professional baseball players to have won the Super Bowl. 

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