On a sunny February day in Arizona, Robinson Cano received his 2017 game gloves from Wilson. This fresh batch of leather included his usual two game glove spread, but he received one extra attention grabbing glove that is completely different from the other two. This mystery glove is Robinson Cano’s WBC Glove, specifically made for Cano’s appearance in the World Baseball Classic on his home country’s team, the Dominican Republic:

Robinson Cano's WBC Glove: Dominican Republic-Themed Wilson A2000 RC22

Although the red, white, and blue typically signals America, make no mistake: Robinson Cano’s WBC Glove features a design that matches the colors of the D.R. Even though the Dominican Republic’s colors are naturally considered “flashy,” Cano broke out of his black base, mariner green accented glove colorways in favor of this drop-dead dazzling design that differs from every single on of his past gloves.

A closer look at the design:

Robinson Cano's WBC Glove: Dominican Republic-Themed Wilson A2000 RC22

There is zero doubt that Robby Cano is one of the biggest fans of Super Skin in the Bigs. Over the past three years, Cano has gotten the black Super Skin on every single one of his game gloves. To match his country’s colors, Cano expanded his horizons to a new Wilson addition – red Super Skin. This colored expansion of the black Super Skin provides the same light weight as the black SS, but with a more Dominican Republic look to top off the beautiful blue design.

In the short time since Cano received his WBC glove, he has already gotten to a point where it can see game time, as you can see above. I can’t even get my game glove fully broken-in in the five months I’ve had it, but Cano can break in a glove in a half of a month. Either way, Robinson Cano’s WBC Glove is truly beautiful, and a replica is available through the Wilson custom builder.