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Rick Porcello’s Glove: Custom Wilson A2000 B212

Now Cy Young Winner Rick Porcello is one of the few guys to take home some hardware that uses Wilson as their glove brand. Here’s a look at Rick Porcello’s Glove:

Rick Porcello's Glove

Porcello went with the simple all black leather with red logos, which I think looks sweet. It allows you to know he plays for a red team, but it’s still clean.

Rick Porcello's Glove

Source: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images North America

Porcello uses the most popular Wilson pitchers’ pattern, the B212. The B212 has a grip-concealing 2-piece web and measures in at 12″.

Rick Porcello's Glove

Source: Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images North America

So, there’s nothing special about Rick Porcello’s Glove, but it still is custom. You can buy his custom version here, but I would not recommend spending a large sum on a simple glove. Instead, I would recommend the slightly different A2000 B212SS.

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