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Rawlings PROTT2 with Tan HORWEEN | Specs & Review

After speaking to some owners of the Rawlings PROTT2 with Tan HORWEEN and watching countless videos of how it breaks-in, we compiled the information into this article to serve as a review and to go over of all the specifications.

Rawlings PROTT2

First, the specifications. The Rawlings PROTT2 with Tan HORWEEN is 11.5″ with a single post web. It is the game model and pattern of Troy Tulowitzki.

About the TT2 Pattern

Next, let’s discuss the pattern. The TT2 pattern is different from other patterns. It has a thumb-middle finger close, an extremely stiff double laced heel, and the super wide and shallow pocket.

How it Closes

The close is weird, and different than other patterns. Due to the double hinge lace on the pinky, the pattern closes naturally thumb-middle finger, even if you go two-in-the-pinky, and makes a super wide and shallow pocket.

The close also happens along a stiff heel that does not bend at all. To break the glove in, you need to break the glove along both the thumb and pinky hinges, because the heel will not flex at all. We have seen many players just go two-in-the-pinky, but traditional works as well as long as you break it in along the two hinges.

Positions to Use it At

While you want a shallow pocket for middle infield, the TT2 deepens over time, with the reason being that the fingers are so flat that they eventually start to curve a bit. The pocket can soon become one of the deepest on the market, especially if you let the single post continue to loosen up.

The TT2 is best suited for the middle infield, but can work for third base as well. If you like deeper pockets, over time the TT2 will be for you. However, if you consistently monitor the pocket depth, you can keep the pocket shallow.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROTT2

The Rawlings PROTT2 with Tan HORWEEN is gorgeous. Viewing from the various photos we have seen, the tan HORWEEN leather is beautiful new, and gets even better over time. The patina that forms over time is amazing, and is a work of art.

On the Quality

The color is the same as it always has been, but the thickness is not. The older TT2’s had thicker HORWEEN leather than the new ones had. I am not sure why that is, but we have been told from users that the leather is thinner and not as stiff as before. Whether Rawlings is trying to make gloves that are easier to form or the leather does not need to be as thick as before to be as durable is unknown.

However, the durability is still good. The new HORWEEN leather is not the tank-like leather from before, but the leather is still high-quality and more formable than ever.

The Looks

The gray split welting looks great with the tan leather, as it always does. It still gives off that classic feel like we love. And, this model has the black palm engraving that the TT2 always has. But, this model has some flash with the addition of the gold thumb label and the red/gold wrist label. This label combo is sick, and I love it. The gold stitching adds some more pop.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROTT2

From what we have learned and compiled, we like the Rawlings TT2. While it is not of the same tank-like quality of the older TT2’s, the new TT2’s are pretty darn good, and for the first time in a while, they are mass-produced.

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  1. steve November 20, 2016

    Nice Article! I recently picked one up and love it. I wish they used Horween on these though.

  2. Rod Garcia November 26, 2016

    I own one of these. How can I check for myself if it’s horween?

  3. Nick Wilson December 8, 2016

    I saw a few of these on Instagram with defects… Any word if Rawlings fixed the problem or is there still a problem? I don’t want a glove that has stains and wrinkles… you know where I’m coming from.

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