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Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSTT2-20

All behold the release of a Pro Preferred TT2, the Troy Tulowitzki model. The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSTT2-20 is something for us all to enjoy, and it comes in a camel package:

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSTT2-20

This colorway is super clean in camel. Pro Preferred camel is one of the cleanest colors on the market, and the dark tan lacing just make the camel even better. The red embroidery goes super well with the red labels and camel leather, almost like they were meant to be. And that gray split welting gives the glove a classic look and some extra stiffness.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSTT2-20

The TT2 pattern is back to stay, with this model being released and multiple other ones. The TT2 is so popular due to wide and shallow pocket that makes the TT2 pattern perfect for the middle infield. The TT2 is 11.5″ with a single post web, a popular but under-used web.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSTT2-20

The materials on this Pro Preferred are superb: the Kip leather is lightweight, durable, tight-grained, and super smooth. The lacing is top notch, and the liner is about as soft as it gets. This particular Pro Preferred will require some break-in, as the glove was purposely left stiffer than most Pro Preferred’s.

Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSTT2-20

The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSTT2-20 is a great choice for a middle infielder looking for the best possible glove, and if you are interested in this glove, pick it up at the link below.

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